Stress Resilience

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If you were to ask a dozen people to define stress, or explain what causes stress for them, or how stress affects them, you would likely get 12 different answers to each of these requests. The reason for this is that there is no definition of stress that everyone agrees on, what is stressful for one person may be pleasurable or have little effect on others. We all react to stress differently.

The Health Promotion uses these definitions in our programs and services because they provide clarity. They are practical and also provide powerful inspiration for engaging in resilience-building practices such as sleeping, eating real food, physical movement, meditation and healthy relationships.

STRESS - The body’s reactions (biochemical and physiological) to an event that stimulates a physical, mental and/or emotional adjustment or response.

STRESSOR -The stimulus that causes stress, i.e., life.

RESILIENCE (ri-zil-yuhns) The acquired ability to meet life’s challenges (stressors), bounce back from challenging experiences and to become more capable and confident as a result. Physical and emotional well-being contribute to acquiring and maintaining resilience.

Mindfulness & Meditation

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