The Consent Conversation

Facilitated Discussion and Activity: 1 hour

During this interactive workshop, we discuss the various aspects of consent, and practice skills involved in asking for and giving consent to a partner.

Safer Sex

Facilitated Discussion and Activity: 1 hour

Through lively activities and discussions, learn all about prevention, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This workshop provides examples of safer sex supplies so that you can see all the options!

Sex Talk

Facilitated Discussion and Activity: 1 hour

Develop communication skills for talking with your partner(s) about sex, contraception and creating healthy relationships. This workshop uses fun activities designed so that you leave feeling comfortable talking about topics often considered taboo!

Condoms and Candy

Facilitated Discussion and Activity: 1 hour

Learn from wide ranging student-written questions pulled from an anonymous “question bowl” full of free condoms and candy. Questions are answered with honesty and humor by a trained Sexuality Educator while students eat candy and leave with free condoms – as well as lots of helpful information.

All About the Vulva

Facilitated Discussion and Activity: 1 hour

Considering female sexuality in a larger context, this workshop examines women's capacity for pleasure, offering a new model to view this essential aspect of identity using a sex-positive, shame-free framework.  Empower yourself to explore new ways to boost your sexual well-being from learning about your body to expressing your 'wants' and 'won'ts' with a partner.

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