The Growing Mindfulness Initiative

Check out the Growing Mindfulness Initiative Event from Spring 2021

UofL Health Promotion, in partnership with the Employee Success Center in the Office of the President, is excited to announce the launch of the new Growing Mindfulness Initiative. This campus-wide collaborative effort is built around the Cardinal Principles to cultivate a Community of Care through mindfulness. The initiative kicked with a virtual event featuring special guests President Neeli Benadpudi and Owsley Brown, a film maker and thought leader whose family founded the university’s Envirome Institute. Participants discovered and practiced various mindfulness techniques that will help decrease stress and anxiety, improve concentration and compassion, and promote well-being. Check out the video above to watch the live recording of the event.


Guided Meditations:

Back Lives Matter for Healing Racial Trauma - Black History Month Series (15 minutes)

Healing the Ancestral Heart - Black History Month Series (15 minutes)

Unveiling Your Deepest Goodness - Black History Month Series (15 minutes)

 Interconnectedness - Black History Month Series (15 minutes)

P.B.S.S. - Position, Breathe, Supportive Self Talk, and Body Scan (7 minutes)

Settling In Meditation (3 minutes)

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (3 minutes)

Chair Yoga (14 minutes)