About Us

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Health Promotion Wellbeing Central (HPWC) was established by UofL Campus Health Services in January 2007.  Primarily informed by the Ecological Model of Health Promotion, HPWC specializes in creative services and tools to support student well-being, engagement, resilience and critical thinking.

Our Vision

UofL is a vibrant campus community that values health and makes the healthy choices the easy choices.

Health Promotion Wellbeing Central Mission & Purpose

Promote the vitality, health, academic excellence, and resilience of the University of Louisville campus community.  We are collaborating to build a campus community that values and exemplifies health by advocating increased access to healthy options; providing accurate and non-judgmental health programs and services; providing dynamic applied learning opportunities and peer mentorship; and applying critical thinking to problem-solving and health decisions.

How We Accomplish Our Mission & Purpose

  • Services
  • Programs
  • Resources
  • Collaborations
  • Advocacy & System-Building
  • Wellbeing Stations

Frameworks that Inform Our Mission & Purpose

    1. Ecological Model: GRAPHIC from Healthy Campus 2020
      Source: www.acha.org/HealthyCampus/implement.cfm
      nested circles list determinants of health and path of assessment, monitoring, evaluation and dissemination


    1. Critical Thinking – Ideas to Action i2a 
      list of elements of thought


  1. Resilience and Stress-Resilience Theory
    redwood tree
  2. Definition: resilience (ri-zil-yuhns)
    The acquired capacity to remain flexible in our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors when faced with a life disruption or extended periods of pressure in order to move forward more capable, connected, and confident.