*Sex Ed Week at UofL*

February 13th-17th 2023

An annual week of sexual health and education programing. Stay tuned for more information on resources, events, and prizes! Follow @HealthyCardsUofL on Instagram for updates. 

The goal of BANG* is to promote sexual health education, destigmatize conversations around sexuality, and deconstruct shame while having fun and winning pleasurable prizes. Stay tuned for all of the action by following Health Promotion on Instagram @HealthyCardsUofL 


Sexual Health Kit

A personalized safer sex supply kit that you can request! Kits contain external condoms, internal condoms (otherwise known as female/FC2 condoms), lubricant samples, pregnancy tests, and educational pamphlets on sexuality topics (STI/HIV testing, helpful websites, etc.). 

Visit here to put in a request:

FREE HIV Testing

The HIV Testing schedule has changed and is now offered on a monthly basis. 

11am-3pm on 1/19, 2/9, 3/9, & 4/12 during Spring 2023

Location: Health Promotion Wellbeing Central in our new location in the Student Activities Center (SAC) W309
This test consists of a finger prick, which is a more reliable method of determining one's HIV status than a mouth swab. Receive results in office within 20 minutes after the test. Referrals for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis testing are available.

No appointment needed. First come, first tested.

HIV Testing Flyer

Sexual Health Coaching

Individual sexual health coaching appointments at Health Promotion (SAC W309) with a trained sexual health advisor. To schedule an appointment, please email call 502-852-08799. Walk-ins are welcome!


POZ Empowerment Group

The POZ empowerment group exists for college students in Louisville seeking an anonymous community, education, and support after a positive HIV. HSV and or HPV test. Facilitated by the Sexual Health and Relationships Program Coordinator, this group will empower participants to better understand their status, provide support with disclosure/ speaking to partners, and explore advocacy around STI stigma and shame. Sessions occur on the second Thursday of the month from 5:00PM-6:00PM on UofL campus. To register, fill out the interest form at


Sexual Health Facilitation Training

Our Whole Lives ( OWL) 7-12th Grade & Young Adult/Adult Facilitator Training- Participants gain useful information and skills on sexual health, sexual identity, healthy relationships, and sexual values; engage in group facilitation while boosting your confidence discussing sexuality topics and practicing effective facilitation techniques. Training takes place every June. Cost: $300+. Includes 2.5 day training, certification, and meals. 

To learn more about the Our Whole Lives lifespan curricula:

All other questions, please email

Educational Materials

Up-to-date information and resources that focus on a variety of health topics are always available in the Health Promotion office (SAC Room W309) or on our Instagram @healthycardsuofl

Models and demonstrations

Sexual health educators are available to demonstrate proper use of barrier methods and contraceptives. Anatomical models are available to practice condom application and to improve bodily knowledge. Contraception and barrier method models are also available for students to view different options.