Information for Incoming Freshmen

U of L Admission Based Scholarships

The University of Louisville awards both guaranteed and competitive scholarships to incoming first-time freshmen. Visit the Office of Admission's website for a description of these scholarship programs and other pertinent information. Once awarded, these scholarships are managed by the Student Financial Aid Office in accordance to the terms of the scholarship and the overaward and stacking policy.

Student Financial Aid Office Scholarship Opportunities

Students pursuing a degree at the University of Louisville may be eligible for a number of other scholarships managed by the Student Financial Aid Office. Selection criteria and deadlines vary based upon the specific scholarship programs from which funding is available. The Student Financial Aid Office scholarship application deadline is March 1.

The University of Louisville Alumni Association and its regional and national clubs have established several scholarship funds for students. Each program has various qualifications that must be met before student can apply. Additional information may be found here

Departmental Scholarships, Assistantships, and Fellowships

Many departments within the University administer their own scholarship, assistantship, and/or fellowship programs. Departmental Awards are submitted to the Student Financial Aid Office for processing and disbursement to student accounts.

Outside Scholarships

Our office receives scholarship information from various outside organizations regarding award programs. The outside scholarship webpage provides details on outside scholarships and includes a list of organizations who have granted awards to students at the University of Louisville in previous years. Please note that private Kentucky scholarships are updated every year in KHEAA's Affording Higher Education publication. Free Adobe PDF Reader

State-Supported Programs

Kentucky-supported program information, including specifics pertaining to the Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES), is available on the Student Financial Aid Office’s state aid webpage.

Kentucky Revised Statute (KRS) Tuition Waivers

The University of Louisville provides tuition waiver benefits to students qualified under the provisions of applicable Kentucky Revised Statutes such as those associated with specified categories of foster and adopted children, supervising and resource teachers, senior citizens, and  dependents of veteran, police, firefighters, and state employees.

Metropolitan College

Through a partnership with UPS, the Metropolitan CollegeProgram offers employment and education benefit opportunities to qualified students

Military and Veteran Resources

The UofL Office of Military and Veteran Services serves as a dedicated resource to connect military and veteran students and their families to associated benefits. Information about Kentucky state-mandated tuition waivers for dependents of veterans can be found on the Student Financial Aid Office’s state aid webpage.

Federal Academic Alliance

The University of Louisville is proud to be a member of the U.S. Government’s Federal Academic Alliance (FAA). We offer all U.S. Federal Government employees* a 10% tuition scholarship applied to the current tuition rate for all UofL online programs, each academic semester**. For additional information about our membership in the FAA visit

*Excludes uniform members of the Department of Defense. Government Contractors are not eligible.

**Federal employees remain eligible for the duration of their academic program as long as they remain employed by the federal government.

Reporting Financial Assistance to the Student Financial Aid Office

Report all sources of estimated financial assistance including departmental scholarships, employee tuition remission, outside scholarships, third party assistance, housing benefits or assistance and Metropolitan College benefits to the Student Financial Aid Office. Reporting this information early will help prevent changes in eligibility that can result in reductions to financial aid due to overaward.

To report estimated financial assistance not already included in your aid package, complete the Report Other Aid form. There are also maximum limits in the amount of institutional aid that students can receive. For more information review our overaward and stacking policy.


How may we assist you?

Email Service

A dedicated student and communication service account is monitored by a team equipped to provide assistance to students.

Email Financial Aid Service at:

Call Center

A dedicated call center is available to assist with all phone inquiries.

Call Student Financial Aid at: (502) 852-5511