Manage Financial Aid

The University of Louisville's Student Financial Aid Office offers essential guidance for students on receiving, renewing and managing their financial aid. We provide clear information on everything from understanding disbursement schedules to maintaining eligibility by fulfilling financial aid requirements. Our goal is to support you at every stage of the financial aid process – making Louisville’s affordable education even more so.

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Receive Aid

After your aid is accepted, you will receive your financial aid. It will be disbursed or sent to your student account.

Fall and Spring Aid Disbursement

Financial aid dollars are typically disbursed to your student account by the Bursar’s Office at the start of each semester, with subsequent disbursements scheduled to occur multiple times a week. Most awards are based on full-time enrollment. Verify you have met enrollment and other requirements in order to maintain eligibility and receive timely disbursement of funds.

  • Federal and state aid is adjusted based on your enrollment as of the term’s census date, the day following the last day to drop and receive 100% tuition credit. After adjustment of enrollment changes and assuming you remain enrolled for the entire term and earn grades, no further aid adjustments are made.
  • Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) funds are distributed once they are released by the state, usually 30 days after classes begin.

Residual or Excess Aid

Depending on your financial aid package, aid that exceeds your tuition bill balance owed will be processed according to the university’s refund delivery process. Choose how to receive funds through the Bursar’s Office.

  • Certain forms of financial aid are limited to covering specific expenses and cannot be given back to you as a refund.

Renew Aid

Current students: Renew your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year.

The U.S. Department of Education will send email reminders and important announcements, so ensure that your contact information is updated on the FAFSA website and the FSA ID website.

Bills and Payments

When it comes to paying your tuition bill, the Bursar’s Office sends out bills separately from the Office of Student Financial Aid awarding your financial aid package. When your total anticipated awarded aid for the term does not cover all charges on the bill, pay or make arrangements with the Bursar’s Office to settle your remaining balance by the due date. Payment plans are available. Find information about payment plan options.

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Keep and Manage Your Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress

The Student Financial Aid Office reviews your academic progress each year. The Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) policy outlines the requirements you need to meet to continue receiving federal and state financial aid.

Degree Requirements and Course Auditor

Eligibility for federal and state need-based financial aid can be impacted if you enroll in courses that do not count toward the requirements for your degree or certificate program.

Part-Time Enrollment Adjustment

If attending less than full time, submit an enrollment adjustment form before classes start. Aid will be reassessed and adjusted if you are enrolled part time.

Review full- and part-time enrollment requirements and request aid adjustments.

Financial Aid Forms and Resources

There are a handful of forms that you may or may not need to complete along your financial aid journey, whether you are applying for the first time or managing and renewing your student aid each year.

If a form is needed to complete your financial aid application, the Office of Student Financial Aid will notify you.

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Contact Student Financial Aid at University of Louisville

University of Louisville Student Financial Aid Office
Houchens Building, Rm 110, Belknap Campus
2211 S Brook St
Louisville, KY 40292
Call:(502) 852-5511

University of Louisville Makes Managing Financial Aid Simple

For personalized assistance or any questions regarding the renewal or management of your financial aid, don’t hesitate to reach out to the University of Louisville Student Financial Aid Office.

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