Staff Resources

Human Resources

Visit the UofL Human Resources website for up-to-date employee benefits and information.

Staff Senate

The UofL Staff Senate reviews University policies, programs and documents affecting staff, and makes recommendations to the Administration on issues that concern the welfare of the staff, as a whole. Bookmark the Staff Senate website, and follow the Staff Senate on Twitter and Facebook

CEHD Consolidated Communications

CEHD Consolidated Communications is a weekly email newsletter disseminated to CEHD faculty and staff. This newsletter contains messages from the Dean, Associate Deans, and/or Department Chairs, highlights about accomplishments within the departments, announcements, campus events, policy changes, or any other message to share with the entire college. If you have information you'd like to submit, please email to

Technical Support

The ERTC supports the College's faculty, staff, and students by providing resources to assist in the incorporation of technology into instruction.

Anonymous Feedback

The CEHD Dean's Office and the CEHDSA are committed to making CEHD an inclusive and equitable work environment where the Cardinal Principle of "Respect" is valued and put into action. However, we need your input in order to achieve that goal.