CEHD Vision and Philosophy

CEHD Philosophy

The University of Louisville strives to foster and sustain an environment of inclusiveness that empowers individuals to achieve their highest potential without fear of prejudice or bias. The UofL academic family embraces and demonstrates a strong commitment to attract, retain, and support students, faculty, and staff who reflect the diversity of the larger society (Vision Statement, Provost’s Office, 2007). The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) is part of a human ecology embedded within the University of Louisville, the community, and the larger democratic society.

Social and human equity. A commitment to upholding and advocating for social and human equity is a logical and deliberate outcome of our institutional history, vision for the future, and collective perspectives about the CEHD’s role in our community. We believe that advocacy is a motivation for service and a support for change and that it is essential to strengthening a dynamic, democratic society. We demonstrate our commitment to social and human equity in our teaching, research, professional practices, relationships with others, and actions undertaken outside the college. (CEHD Conceptual Framework)

Coursework that Promotes Social Justice and Equity

In the spirit of promoting social equity and justice in our classrooms, the College of Education and Human Development is keenly aware of the unique needs of all our students and offer outstanding advising and rigorous coursework that prepare our them for today's classrooms, businesses in the private and public sector, and service to our community.

For example, our EDTP 506 course, Public Schools in America, is an examination of the historical and philosophical foundations of education in a socially and culturally diverse country. In addition, our EDSP 545 course, Exceptional Children in a Regular Classroom, focuses on educational approaches for exceptional children, may also provide a context in which the unique needs of students may be addressed.

Research at the CEHD

The Office of Research facilitates College research efforts, professional development and doctoral studies within the CEHD. In just the past few years, CEHD faculty have nearly doubled the number of peer-reviewed publications. Our research also has local, national and international impact.