Multicultural Teacher Recruitment Program (MTRP)

Our Mission

Since 1985, the Minority Teacher Recruitment Project, renamed the Multicultural Teacher Recruitment Program in 2018, has been addressing the shortage of minority teachers in our nation’s classrooms. The program is a partnership between the University of Louisville College of Education and Human Development, Jefferson County Public Schools, and the Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative that helps improve the accessibility of quality teacher preparation by providing financial and academic assistance, as well as professional development to undergraduate and graduate minority students. MTRP strives to alleviate teacher shortages at all levels by increasing minority teacher representatives for the progressively diverse status of our nation, Kentucky, and the Louisville metropolitan area. With detailed focus on recruiting multicultural teacher candidates who will incorporate ethical values, multiple learning styles and cultural perspectives into the classroom we hope to inspire further positivity and inclusivity within today’s public school atmosphere. 

To learn more about the vision, goals, and more about the MTRP, please check out this article.


MTRP has been such a great experience for me this semester. The people in charge of MTRP and those that help with it have been so welcoming, kind, and encouraging to me this semester. They have done check-ins to see how I am doing, and I can tell they really care for the students at UofL. This program has already introduced me to other future teachers, current teachers, and other people involved in the education world. I have thoroughly enjoyed talking with and meeting with all of these new people, especially those that look like me and can relate to me. I can't wait to do even more with the program next semester!

-Jasmine Meadows
Sophomore in Early Elementary Education

Throughout my time with MTRP, I have been given so many opportunities to connect with others within my major and network with those who are already in the field of Education! I have been able to grow as an individual because of this program and I feel as though I am always supported. I love MTRP because this support system helped me achieve my goals as a student at the University of Louisville, but more importantly as a new teacher entering an unpredictable field.

-Melanie Mccausland Noguera
Sophomore in Early Elementary Education