Master Student Lifecycle

This page will provide a general overview of a typical progression for master's students from start to finish. Our master's programs, in terms of credit hours, are between 30 to 60 hours, depending on the program. A student can finish their program anywhere from 1.5 year to 3 years. You should always speak with your faculty advisor about your program goals and desired graduation timeline so that any adjustments can be considered and reviewed. 

Review this page for important information related to policies that apply to graduate students.  

Year 1 - Get acclimated!

Our master's programs are delivered in in-person and online settings, so getting used to your program and class structure can vary among students. You should meet with your faculty advisor at least once every term to check-in and discuss your progress. This is a good time to join professional organizations related to your field and/or organizations to help you expand your network. Get to know the other students in your classes. 

Important form(s) to submit in first semester of Year 1:

  • Program of Study Sheet (POS)
    • The POS outlines the required courses needed to earn your degree. You and your advisor will discuss in what order to take them and when. You, your advisor, and the GSS office will need an official copy by the end of the term. 
    • The POS can be adjusted based on your interests changing or course offerings, but an updated copy should always be submitted. 
  • Transfer of Credit Form
    • You may have some previous graduate coursework that may be eligible for transfer toward your doctoral program. Have this conversation early with your advisor so that we can start the process immediately. Approved transfer of credits may  be added when grades are posted at the end of the first semester of study.

Year 2 - Get into the groove!

You've taken at least two semesters of classes and you've come to know what works best for you in terms of class preparation. Be aware that you may need to adjust some of these habits from term to term as classes and instructors change. 

Depending on your program, you may also find yourself at an internship site completing field/clinical hours required by your program. 

Important form(s) to submit in Year 2:

  • Updated Program of Study, if any changes have been made

Year 3 - Wrapping-up!

You're about to graduate! This is a major accomplishment! You will need to apply for your degree via Ulink no later than published deadlines.

Important form(s) to submit in Year 3 (or, if finishing earlier, in your last semester of coursework):

  • Degree application in Ulink-->Graduation-->Apply for Degree. 

Once you apply for your degree, your academic record will be reviewed by a member of our office. If there are any issues, you and your advisor will be emailed with an explanation of the situation and steps need to be taken to resolve the situation. The earlier that you apply for your degree, the more time that we have to take care of any outstanding issues that may arise. 

If you intend to walk in the graduation ceremony, you will also need to purchase your cap & gown. This serves as your RSVP to attend the Commencement ceremony. Information on Commencement and cap & gown orders can be found here.