Early Start Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program

If you are pursuing a major in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics at the University of Louisville, and are considering becoming a high school teacher, you should consider the Early Start MAT Program!

Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics majors who are admitted to the Early Start MAT program are eligible to complete up to nine credit hours of graduate Education course work (EDTP 502, ECPY 507, and/or EDTP 501) during their junior or senior year. These credits may be "double-counted" for both an undergraduate degree and the MAT program.

Qualified candidates can earn an undergraduate degree with a major in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics or Physics, as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching, in five years. The financial advantages of beginning a teaching career with the MAT include:

  • Higher entering salary
  • Quicker access to career advancement opportunities - such as resource teacher and master teacher positions
  • Ability to focus on teaching during the beginning years, without the additional responsibility of enrolling in graduate courses simultaneously

This program is open to all eligible candidates regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age.

Financial aid is available for aspiring mathematics and science teachers. For example, Stafford Loans can be forgiven up to $17,500 for mathematics and science teachers who meet both the "highly qualified" teacher definition under the "No Child Left Behind Act" and meet all of the qualifications of the Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Program. For more information, please review the "Financial Aid" tab (http://louisville.edu/education/degrees/mat-se).

For more information about the MAT program in Secondary Education (http://louisville.edu/education/degrees/mat-se), please contact the MAT admissions counselor at (teacher@louisville.edu).

Early Start MAT Admission Requirements and Application Process