Content Subcategories - Physical Science

Note: The BOLD words are the abbreviated label used for each subcategory on the score report returned to the field test coordinator.

  1. Matter - Properties and changes of properties in matter
    1. physical properties (e.g. density, boiling point, solubility), mixtures, physical vs. chemical change
    2. chemical reactions, compounds, conservation of mass, chemical families
    3. elements & atomic structure
    4. states of matter, kinetic theory, and gas laws
  2. Motion and Forces
    1. position and direction of motion, speed & velocity, graphical representation of motion
    2. force & acceleration (includes friction, weight, f = ma, gravity), addition of forces, balanced & unbalanced forces, momentum and impulse (includes action-reaction)
    3. Newton's first law of motion (inertia)
  3. Energy
    1. energy as ability to do work/change, mechanical energy, kinetic and potential energy, simple machines, systems & conservation of energy
    2. waves, sound, light (refraction, absorption, scattering & reflection), color and vision, electromagnetic spectrum, and sunlight
    3. static electricity, electric current &circuits, magnetism, electromagnetism
    4. thermodynamics, heat, temperature, and temperature scales
    5. chemical energy, nuclear energy (radioactivity, fusion, fission)