CRIMSTED LogoClassroom Embedded Assessments (CEA) Overview
(formative assessments for guiding day-to-day instructional flow)

Classroom Embedded Assessments (CEA) are formative assessments that are one of the three tiers of Kentucky’s science assessment system (see https://education.ky.gov/curriculum/conpro/science/Pages/Science-Assessment.aspx for explanation of this system). In brief, there is a state summative science assessment once per grade band that is part of a school’s accountability score. There are Through Course Tasks which are well-structured, science practice-oriented tasks that were developed by teams of Kentucky teachers with support of Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) personnel – these are available through KDE website. These Through Course Tasks are intended to be used formatively by teachers as periodic (few times a year) checks on their students’ progress.

Classroom embedded assessments are the most fine-grained of the three assessment tiers. These are intended to seamlessly blend into the day-to-day instructional flow, and to provide formative feedback to teachers in order to immediately inform subsequent instruction. However, these CEAs are to be developed by classroom teachers for themselves, since specific details of day-to-day instruction can vary quite broadly across different teachers.

These CEA examples are offered as resources to support teachers in using these, and in developing their own. These CEAs were developed as part of two KDE-supported Math Science Partnership projects (2016-2018), each working with approximately 50 K-8 Kentucky teachers in different parts of the state. Our heartfelt thanks goes out to those teachers and their efforts – this is their work.

Terms of Use: These CEAs are available free of charge for appropriate use under the following conditions. For direct use in instruction by classroom teachers, you may copy and distribute the material in any medium or format, or you may adapt the material (remix, transform, or build upon). The terms of this use include: if using outside of daily classroom instruction, you must give appropriate credit but not suggest that CRIMSTED endorses you or your use; you may not use the material for commercial purposes; any adaptation of the material must be distributed under these same conditions; and you may not legally restrict others from using any of these materials (or adaptations) different from these terms.

Suggested citation for source of these CEAs:
University of Louisville CRIMSTED. (n.d.). Classroom Embedded Assessments (CEA) examples. Retrieved from [put URL here]

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