Advising Forms

This page provides current and prospective students with both on-line and print forms.

Please note some files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. You may download the file or click to read.

Course by Conference [DOC]

Drop-Add Form

The drop/add form is a manual way for students to drop/add an education course past the posted date for electronic enrollment, to change a course to pass/fail or audit, and/or enroll in a course that has met its enrollment capacity. In all these cases, permission from the instructor is necessary along with the department stamp over the instructor signature.

Graduate Records Exam Self Report Form

This form is used to self-report General Records Exam scores to be used for admissions on good faith until official scores are reported to the University. Candidates must have taken the Graduate Records Exam prior to established deadlines.

Graduate SAC Petition Form [PDF]

Independent Study Form [DOC]

Re-enrollment Form

The request to re-enroll form allows for students who have not attended the university in consecutive semesters (excluding the summer semester) to re-activate their enrollment account with the University of Louisville. Students who have not registered for more than two years will be required to re-apply to the university. This form is good for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Request to Take Additional Hours

This form is to be used only for undergraduate students. Graduate students must see their faculty advisor to process a variance form.

Undergraduate students must request permission to enroll in an overload of credit hours (18 or more credits during fall/spring and 16 or more credits during summer). Students must submit the above form. Freshmen and sophomores should contact their Education Advising Center advisor for permission. Juniors and seniors should contact their assigned faculty advisor for permission. The form must be submitted for final approval and Dean's signature.

Undergraduate SAC petition form [DOC]

Complete Late Withdrawal Student Form [DOC]

Complete Late Withdrawal Faculty Form [DOC]

If you are requesting a complete late withdrawal for a semester, please use the forms above. The first form is the student form that must be filled out. The second form is the instructor form. This must be completed by each instructor.