Kentucky Senate Bill 1 and the CEHD

What is Senate Bill 1 Unbridled Learning (SB1) - Kentucky P-12 Academic Standards (KAS)?

Senate Bill 1 was passed by the Kentucky General Assembly in 2009 and revises the assessment and accountability system for P-12 education in Kentucky. Standards must be based on national and international benchmarks in order to increase the rigor of learning standards in our schools, and to ensure that Kentuckians who graduate from high school are college or career ready. The bill also calls for more collaboration among postsecondary institutions with P-12 programs to accomplish this goal. Kentucky was the first U.S. state to adapt and assess the new standards.

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How is the CEHD supporting this initiative?

The CEHD has revised its core curriculum in all teacher preparation programs to prepare students to implement the Common Core Standards in field and clinical experiences and their own classrooms. Our faculty have engaged in required professional development or completed the SB1 module training. SB1 Unbridled Learning Experts in the CEHD are:

  • Ms. Jean Wolph, Dr. Lori Norton-Meier, Dr. Penny Howell, and Dr. James Chisholm - English Language Arts and Content Literacy;
  • Dr. Jenny Bay-Williams and Dr. Sue Peters - Mathematics;
  • Dr. Tom Tretter and Dr. Sherri Brown - Science.

Who should complete the Online Modules?

The modules are designed for:

  • Faculty who teach freshman year or introductory courses,
  • Teacher education faculty and University field and clinical supervisors who train future teachers, and
  • Administrators and staff who need information regarding SB1.

Faculty may view a complete list of training courses and register for the modules.

Contact the Kentucky Virtual Campus (KYVC) with questions about registration: 1-877-740-4357.

(KYVC is a program of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE), which coordinates change and improvement in Kentucky's postsecondary education system as directed by the Kentucky Postsecondary Education Act of 1997.)

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Since 2009, Kentucky's P-12 school districts--public and private--higher education institutions, and their state agencies, Kentucky Department of Education (KDE); Kentucky Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB); Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE); advocacy groups, and citizens have dedicated themselves to the adoption of KAS, based on Common Core Standards, to advance P-12 students' learning and achievement to be college and career ready. The Commonwealth's education reform initiative related to the KAS, and student achievement marks a groundbreaking assessment and state initiative in education.