Student Philanthropy Program

Established in 2012, The Philanthropy program allows students to study community organizations and the role they play in addressing social issues and to make informed decisions to invest in these organizations.  As participants in the Student Philanthropy Program, students learn the importance of giving, not only of their time and talents but also of giving financial resources to help community organizations meet their goals of helping others.  Students who participate in the philanthropy program, as part of their course requirement, may work with non-profit organizations in the community to apply knowledge gained in the classroom to real-world situations.  Students in each class are given $1,000 and asked to select a deserving non-profit organization to receive a small grant to further its cause.

Goals of Student Philanthropy

To integrate learning experiences that encourage charitable giving and civic engagement into a variety of fields of academic study

ENGL 674, Community LiteracyEnglish
PAS 206, Introduction to Caribbean StudiesPan African Studies
POLS 495, Diversity Politics and PolicyPolitical Science
SPAD 525, Event Management ClassSports Administration
SPAD 536, Nonprofit SportsSports Administration
WGST 201, Women in American CultureWomen and Gender Studies


Quick Facts on the Student Philanthropy Program

Since its inception in Fall 2012:

  • 18 grants have been given out to 15 community organizations
  • A total of $15,000 has been awarded since the programs inception
  • Some of the issues addressed include: Education of teens against dating violence; food literacy program; purchasing books to encourage literacy among children; educational programming; and educate immigrant workers on human trafficking
  • Six classes have incorporated philanthropy into its course contents
  • More than 300 students have participated in the program

The following organizations have been funded as part of the program:

Americana Community Center

Catholic Charities of Louisville

Girls on the Run Louisville

Hotel Louisville

Iroquois Library

Neighborhood House

Nativity Academy

PACT in Action

St. Joseph Children's Home

Women in Transition


Follow this link to view the poster presentation (PDF) made at the 2015 CUMU Conference, Omaha, Nebraska by Gary Bernstein, Henry Cunningham, & Lora Haynes