Muhammad Ali Institute Fall Programming

Fall 2016

Muhammad Ali was a transformative humanitarian and a true champion who had the courage and conviction to make the world a better place. We remember him as he wished – as someone who helped people worldwide to “fight for freedom, justice and equality.”  Our 2016-17 programming will focus on his lifelong commitment to these fundamental human values.  Muhammad Ali inspired so many and brought people together in life as well as death.  We hope our work will support and inspire our community to come together as we consider what it means to fight for freedom, justice and equality today.

Here is a list of upcoming programs, click on the links to find out more:

Muhammad Ali Open House and Celebration of International Day of PeaceThursday, September 21st,4-6pm, Muhammad Ali Institute

Ali Scholar International Learning Journey – Social Justice Issues in Peru Wednesday, September 28th, 6pm-7pm, Chao Auditorium

“Ali’s Louisville? Making a Compassionate City V”

The Muhammad Ali Institute will again gather people from a wide range of life experiences and perspectives to grapple with operationalizing compassion in Louisville.  Each year one event in the series provides a forum to learn about the perspective of young people and future leaders of our community.  This is the fourth year of this program and our theme this year is “Amplifying Our Voices” focusing on how we can join together to promote meaningful change.

Ali’s Louisville? Making a Compassionate City V” Session 1: Muhammad Ali: Shaking Up the World by Fighting for His Civil RightsThursday, October 6th, 6pm-8pm, Chao Auditorium

“Ali’s Louisville? Making a Compassionate City V” Session 2: The Louisville Lip - Muhammad Ali Amplifying Youth VoicesThursday, October 20th, 6pm-8pm, Americana Community Center

Muhammad Ali - Religious Freedom Icon and Peace AdvocateThursday, November 3rd, 6pm-8pm, Chao Auditorium