The Ali Scholars Program

2019 - 2021 Muhammad Ali Scholars

Christabel Kusi AppiahPublic Health Major
Tya CookPublic Health Major
Mariyamo IssaExercise Science and Psychology Double Major
Jadyn LangleySocial Work Major
Doneah MarshallPan-African Studies Major
Coliwe MhlangaMarketing Major
Dominique RobertsCriminal Justice Major
Destiny WalkerSocial Work Major
Mehwish ZaminkhanCellular and Molecular Biology Major

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About the Scholar Program

The Ali Scholars Program, offered to full-time undergraduate University of Louisville students, is a unique two-year experience combining training, research and service in the areas of violence prevention, social justice and peacemaking in an urban living context. A special emphasis is placed on understanding and addressing the social conditions that impact those issues.

Through their work with the Muhammad Ali Institute, Ali Scholars develop expertise on a topic of their choice by participating in seminars with renowned practitioners, educators and activists. The Ali Scholars employ a practical solution-based approach as they produce scholarly research related to their “expert area” and its impact locally and globally. Equipped with a solid knowledge base and organizing skills, the Ali Scholars provide service hosting on-campus events, furthering the work of the Ali Institute and working alongside campus, local, national and international practitioners in their expert areas. Through the Ali Scholars program, students acquire both the intellectual and practical training to take action and leadership on issues of peace, violence prevention and social justice at home and abroad.

Ali Scholars can expect to:

  • Spend an average of three to five hours per week devoted to Ali Scholars activities, including office hours
  • Attend seminars and training sessions designed to provide a broad-based understanding of violence prevention and social justice issues
  • Learn skills in the areas of peacemaking, violence prevention, leadership, community organizing, project development and non-profit management
  • Select an “expert area” on which to focus.  Each student will - through research, exposure to practitioners in that area and hands-on service – develop expertise in an issue of their choice related to peace and social justice.
  • Conduct research on a topic related to his/her expert area
  • Provide service to campus, local, national or international organizations and efforts related to peace and social justice
  • Design and implement a local, national or international project related to his/her expert area. Projects will incorporate the knowledge and skills gained in the program and will be done in cooperation with appropriate organizations, agencies and practitioners.
  • Travel nationally and/or internationally
  • Be recognized and celebrated for their efforts

How to Become a Muhammad Ali Scholar

The Ali Scholars Program is a two year commitment; therefore, it is only offered to full-time undergraduate students (except Ali Street Scholars) who will be able to devote four semesters to the program.  Student participants will receive a $1000 scholarship each year, for a total program scholarship of $2,000.  Ali Scholars will be required to maintain a GPA of 2.7 to be admitted to and continue in the program.

The Muhammad Ali Scholars Program recruiting process takes place January through March every other year. The process includes an application with written essays, two letters of recommendation, and an individual interview. Contact the Ali Institute for the next recruiting season.