What We Do

A Description of how the Ali Institute functions and works to fulfill its mission.

Our Education Initiatives

The Muhammad Ali Scholars - The Muhammad Ali Scholar Program, offered by the Muhammad Ali Institute to full-time undergraduate University of Louisville students, is a unique 2-year experience combining training, research and service in the  areas of social justice, violence prevention and peace building.  A special  feature of the Muhammad Ali Scholars' experience is international travel to explore peace building and social justice in a different cultural, political, and  economic reality.  The students develop particular expertise in an area of the work that best connects to their skills, interests and abilities and conduct a research project in this "expert area." Equipped with a solid knowledge base and organizing skills, the Muhammad Ali Scholars also provide service by hosting on-campus events and implementing social change projects. Program students are expected to emerge with a values-based model of leadership, impacting their home communities, and ultimately their nations and the world.

Campus Programs - Each year, the Muhammad Ali Institute will host a series of on-campus programs designed to educate and inspire action around peace, justice and violence prevention. Please be sure to check our Instagram and the University of Louisville events calendar in order to stay up to date on what we are offering! 

Muhammad Ali Center Partnership - The Muhammad Ali Center and Muhammad Ali Institute collaborate on educational and training programs for young people through strategic partnerships among the Muhammad Ali Scholars and the Muhammad Ali Center's Council of Students. 

Our Training Initiatives

Service for Social Change Toolkit - The Service for Social Change Toolkit, based on the Institute's SeeRedNow Campaign, offers an intellectual framework for understanding some of the tough issues facing communities and guides practitioners through a process of designing service projects that seek to change conditions instead of just alleviating symptoms.  The toolkit incorporates critical thinking, research, planning, and project management and helps individuals and organizations do transformational community-based work.

Our Service Initiative

Service for Social Change - The Ali Institute provides the Service for Social Change Toolkit to students and community members as they develop and implement community based service projects that seek to create meaningful social change.