Support the Muhammad Ali Institute

To help support University of Louisville’s Muhammad Ali Institute for Peace and Justice advance the work, study, and practice of peacebuilding, social justice, and violence prevention below we have listed some ways in which you can help support our mission. Your tax-deductible gift ensures that the Muhammad Ali Institute’s life-changing education, training, and service initiatives continue. Most importantly, your gift will directly impact our Muhammad Ali Scholars by providing funding for programming that will enrich their learning experience.

To donate, click this link and be sure to follow the directions listed below:

  1. Select the amount of money that you would like to provide as a gift
  2. Select the "Additional Funds" when you are picking a designation. You will then see a dropbox that lists departments in alphabetical order. Be sure you select "Muhammad Ali Institute for Peace and Justice."
  3. You will then see "Payment Options." Be sure to select the one that best fits how you would like your funds processed
  4. Next it will ask for additional details regarding your gift. In this section you can choose if it is a one time payment or if you would like it to be reoccurring gift
  5. After you have completed these steps you will then be directed to a Personal Info page, Billing page, Review page, and lastly a Finish page.

If you prefer to write a check please be sure to make it out to: University of Louisville’s Muhammad Ali Institute for Peace and Justice

You can either mail the check directly to the Muhammad Ali Institute for Peace and Justice or send it to our Advancement Office:

 To talk to someone about other giving opportunities, including multi-year pledges, planned gifts, and endowments, please contact us at 502.852.6372 or email our service account at .