Call for Faculty Collaboration with Muhammad Ali Institute

The Muhammad Ali Institute for Peace and Justice invites interested faculty to collaborate in new and innovative ways to further their own research interests and benefit our local community.   As you may know, the Ali Institute advances the work, study, and practice of peacebuilding, social justice, and violence prevention through the development of innovative educational programs, training, service, and research.

The academic focus of our work in the next two years will address local, national, and international issues relating to youth access and opportunity with an emphasis on the impacts of violence affecting teens.  Initially, we hope to identify research projects relating to local youth issues.  The Ali Institute plans to serve as a hub for peace and social justice research and programming at the University of Louisville.  If you would like the Ali Institute to highlight your work in peace and social justice, we would be pleased to provide a link on our website.

We hope to develop appropriate policy suggestions for local leaders about youth opportunity, access and concerns in our community.  If you are working on a research project or have ideas about a research project relating to local youth issues, please consider whether you might be interested in a collaborative effort supported by the Ali Institute. At the national level, the Ali Institute plans to investigate the issues relating to the violence in Central America that has led to the recent humanitarian crisis of the large scale migration of unaccompanied children.  Our international work will occur in partnership with the Ali Center’s programs about education efforts for girls in Africa.

Interested faculty can contact Whitney Railey, the Muhammad Ali Institute Law Fellow working on this exciting initiative at or Enid Trucios-Haynes, Interim Director, at