How to Become A Muhammad Ali Scholar

How to Become a Muhammad Ali Scholar

The Muhammad Ali Scholars Program is a unique two-year experience for full-time undergraduate students; providing a combination of social- justice-infused leadership development, academic research, and community engagement and service focused on violence prevention and peace building.

The application for the 2023-2025 cohort is open from January 23rd-March 3rd, 2023. You can apply here. Student participants will receive a $500 per semester (Fall and Spring) stipend, for a total program stipend of $2,000. In addition, they will receive financial assistance for the international travel trip that occurs the summer after their first year in the program. Muhammad Ali Scholars will be required to maintain a GPA of 2.7 to be admitted to and continue in the program. In addition, you must submit the following:

  • Copy of your resume that includes any co-curricular activities, community service, or experience relevant to the program
  • Letter of recommendation from anyone (outside of family/friends)
  • Responses to these two short answer questions:
    • Reflecting on social justice and peace building, please articulate your understanding of both concepts and share examples of your demonstrated commitment to this work. Additionally, identify one social justice issue in which you might be interested in researching and exploring solutions. (Please limit your response to 250 words maximum.)
    • The work of the Muhammad Ali Institute for Peace & Justice centers Ali's six core principles (confidence, conviction, dedication, giving, respect, spirituality). Select one that resonates with you and share how you would operationalize this principle as an Ali Scholar. (Please limit your response to 250 words maximum.)

If you have any further questions please email .