Muhammad Ali- A Transcendent Life

In January 2021, The Muhammad Ali Institute for Peace and Justice and UofL Libraries collaborated on a project to commemorate Muhammad Ali's connection to Louisville, unique contributions to civil rights and social justice movements, and global legacy.

The Muhammad Ali: A Transcendent Life Virtual and In-Person Exhibit includes:

  • Rare archival resources on Muhammad Ali including photos from the Greatest of All Time: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali by Howard L. Bingham (Displayed in Ekstrom Library)
  • A Digital Storymap titled “Muhammad Ali: An Extraordinary Life in Louisville and Beyond” featuring public art and monuments to Muhammad Ali in Louisville (Provided by the Bridwell Art Library, and the Center for Geographic Information Sciences)
  • A display of original music and other recordings by and about Muhammad Ali (Displayed in the Music Library)
  • A display books highlighting artists who photographed or depicted Muhammad Ali in their work (hosted by the Bridwell Art Library)
  • Featured innovations in Parkinson’s Disease treatments as well as Muhammad Ali’s contributions to advance this research (hosted by the Kornhauser Health Sciences Library)
  • A Research Guide featuring several timelines of Muhammad Ali’s life focused on: his Boxing Excellence; his Spirituality and Islamic Faith; his work as a Humanitarian and Peace Advocate; and his actions as a Social Justice and Civil Rights Icon. The Research Guide will feature resources from UofL Libraries and the Muhammad Ali Institute.
  • A Digital Timeline connecting Muhammad Ali’s life with key moments in global and U.S. history which will be updated each month with following themes:
    • Ali - Humanitarian and Peace (January)
    • Ali - Civil Rights and Social Justice (February)
    • Ali - Boxing Excellence (March)
    • Ali -Islam (April)
    • Ali-The Man (May)
  • The Standing Up For Peace Community Engagement Video Series which asks our community to share their thoughts about this question: “What can we learn from Muhammad Ali about standing up for peace today?” You can submit your responses here: