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The UofL Pediatric Sleep Medicine Center’s state-of-the-art sleep center is one of the leading pediatric sleep centers in the country—discoveries there have led to changes in the clinical management of sleep disorders around the world.

The center is Kentucky’s only facility capable of acoustic reflectance assessment of the upper airway in children and of laser-Doppler protocols for noninvasive autonomic nervous system monitoring.

Weekly outpatient clinics are conducted to allow for initial assessment, with additional testing and treatment coordinated and performed as needed. All nighttime sleep technologists have special training in pediatric care. They are well versed in the management of complex sleep disorders, and have continuous unrestricted access to the sleep physician on call throughout the duration of sleep studies.

The center is one of the few sleep centers to receive National Institutes of Health funding for sleep research in children—$2.8 million for 2005-2008. Louisville is home to the first ACGME-accredited fellowship program in pediatric sleep medicine. Created in 2005, the three-year fellowship is one of only three in the country. Louisville’s sleep medicine faculty have published many articles in refereed high impact journals and serve on many national academic committees and task forces.