Research Curriculum Conference Series

The course is designed to guide fellows through their research experience.  Modules include conducting a literature review, developing a research question, writing the protocol and statistical plan.  Other topics include the ethical conduct of research, basic statistics and graphing, ways of presenting data and how to write a paper.  This course alternates meeting times with the monthly research conference in the Dept. of Pediatrics.

Weekly Core Curriculum Conference Series

The conference series consists of one hour weekly lectures which are designed around the ACGME six core competencies. The conferences are presented primarily by the neonatal faculty and faculty from the Department of Pediatrics. Occasional speakers from outside the department are asked to supplement the educational program.  The conferences are mandatory and an essential part of the fellow’s educational process.  The Neonatal Board Review Course and Faculty Mentored Journal Club are a part of this academic conference series.

Neonatal Board Review Course

This is a one hour course held on a monthly basis.  The fellows are required to read the correlating chapter in Brodsky’s Board Review prior to the course and are given 15-20 board-like questions prior to the course which they are asked to review.  The questions are then reviewed with the faculty mentor and the questions are answered.  After the course, the fellows are given the answers to the questions and are able to use the questions for individual study.

Faculty Mentored Journal Club

This is a one hour monthly course during which the fellows learn to critically review the neonatal literature and are further acquainted with tools for statistical analysis.  Statistical analysis is a component of the neonatal board examination.

Weekly Division of Neonatology Conference Series

This conference series is composed of one hour weekly lectures which provide fellows with exposure to a variety of topics presented by Pediatric Sub-specialists and Perinatologists.  The conference is a mandatory and integral part of the fellow’s educational process.  Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality and Fetal Board are a part of this academic conference series.

Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality

This is a one hour monthly conference during which the fellows present cases of neonatal morbidity and mortality.  Fellows are encouraged to explore an applicable neonatal topic and to present it at this conference.