About Us

The University of Louisville Department of Pediatrics is ALL about kids and we're all around the region. Our academic physicians make up the vast majority of the Norton Children's Hospital medical staff.  Our academic physicians can be found in various major medical centers across the commonwealth.  As academic physicians, they are found in research labs and in lecture halls in the UofL School of Medicine where medical students come to learn how to become pediatricians. In fact, many of Kentucky's practicing pediatricians earned their medical degree here at the University of Louisville Department of Pediatrics.  

Pediatrics Academic, Clinical, and Research
Sections and Divisions


Adolescent Medicine and Rheumatology

Division Chief: Ken Schikler, MD
Academic Office: 502-852-3721 | Clinic: 502-588-4910

Allergy and Immunology

Interim Division Chief: Adrianna McCubbin, MD
Clinic: 502-588-2349


Division Chief: Brian Holland, MD
Academic Office: 502-852-3876 | Clinic: 502-588-7450

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology

Division Chief:  Jennifer Le, MD
Residency Director, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry: Jennifer Le, MD
Lovick C. Miller Post-Doctoral Fellowship Director: Bryan Carter, MD
Child Clinical & Pediatric Psychology Internship Training Director:  Brooke Threlkeld, PsyD
Academic Office:  502-588-0809 | Bingham Clinic: 502-588-0800

Clinical and Translational Research

Division Chief: Kyle Brothers, MD
Director of CAHRDS unit: Deborah Davis, Ph.D.
Academic Office and Clinic:  502-629-5820
CAHRDS Academic Office and Clinic: 502-852-9190

Critical Care Medicine / PICU at Norton Children's Hospital

Division Chief: Vicki Montgomery, MD
Fellowship Director: Katherine Potter, MD, M.Ed
Academic Office: 502-852-3720  | PICU: 502-629-5830 | Acupuncture Clinic: 502-588-2550

Emergency Medicine

Interim Division Chief: Kerry Caperell, MD
Interim Associate Division Chief:  Brit Anderson, MD
Fellowship Director: In K. Kim, MD
Academic Office: 502-629-7212

Endocrinology and Novak Diabetes Center

Division Chief: Kupper Wintergerst, MD
Fellowship Director: Suzanne Kingery, MD
Academic Office: 502-852-3737 | Clinic: 502-588-3400

Forensic Medicine

Division Chief and Fellowship Director: Melissa Currie, MD
Academic Office: 502-629-3099


Interim Division Chief: In Kim, MD
Academic Office: 502-852-3874 | Clinic: 502-588-2330

General Pediatrics

Division Chief: Melissa Hancock, MD
Academic Office: 502-852-8493
Novak Center Clinic: 502-588-3440
Eastern Parkway Clinic: 502-588-0705
Stonestreet Clinic: 502-588-0610


Hematology, Oncology, and Stem Cell Transplant

Division Chief: Ashok Raj, MD
Fellowship Director: Mustafa Barbour, MD
Academic Office: 502-852-8450 | Clinic: 502-588-3600

Hospital Medicine

Division Chief: Jeff Grill, MD
Academic Office: 502-852-2706

Infectious Diseases

Division Chief: Gary Marshall, MD
Fellowship Director: Victoria Statler, MD
Academic Office: 502-852-3774 | Clinic: 502-588-2348

International Pediatrics

Division Chief: George Rodgers, MD
Academic Office: 502-852-3782

Neonatal Medicine

Division Chief: Scott Duncan, MD, MHA
Director of Nurseries: Dan Stewart, MD
Academic Office: 502-852-8470 | Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic: 502-588-0982


Division Chief: Siddharth A. Shah, MD
Academic Office: 502-852-8600 | Clinic: 502-588-4970

Pediatric Research Institute

Director: Lu Cai, MD, PhD
Academic Office: 502-852-2669

Pharmacology and Toxicology

Director: George Rodgers, MD
Academic Office: 502-852-3782


Interim Division Chief: Ronald Morgan, MD
Fellowship Director: Adrian O'Hagan
Academic Office: 502-852-3772 | Clinic: 502-588-4940

Sleep Medicine

Division Chief: Egambaram Senthilvel, MD
Academic Office and Clinic: 502-588-2220

Weisskopf Center

Division Chief:  Joseph Hersh, MD
Associate Director: Scott Tomchek, PhD
Fellowship Director:
Academic Office: 502-588-0897 | Clinic: 502-588-0850
UofL Autism Center: 502-588-0749