Summer 2019 Conference Rates

Regular Price


Housing Style OptionsRoom TypeCost Based on Number of Nights/Person
One (1)Two (2)Three (3) to 1314 & Beyond


Miller Hall, Threlkeld Hall & Unitas Tower

Doubles turned into Singles$41.00$39.00$36.00$33.00

Suite -

Kurz Hall, Community Park & Louisville Hall

Doubles turned into Singles$45.00$43.00$40.00$37.00

Apartment -

Medical Dental Apartments (MDA) & University Tower Apartments

1 room: 1 bed (single)$42.00$40.00$37.00$34.00
1-room: 2 beds$36.00$34.00$31.00$28.00
2 rooms: 1 single space$41.00$39.00$36.00$33.00
2 rooms: 2 double space$36.00$34.00$31.00$28.00
Studio: 1 bed (single)$42.00$40.00$37.00$34.00
Studio: 2 beds$36.00$34.00$31.00$28.00
Large Studio: 1 bed (single)$42.00$40.00$37.00$34.00
Large Studio: 2 beds$36.00$34.00$31.00$28.00


UofL Price


Housing Style OptionsRoom TypeCost Based on Number of Nights/Person
One (1)Two (2)Three (3) to 1314 & Beyond


Miller Hall, Threlkeld Hall & Unitas Tower

Doubles turned into Singles$37.00$35.00$32.00$30.00

Suite -

Kurz Hall, Community Park & Louisville Hall

Doubles turned into Singles$41.00$39.00$36.00$33.00

Apartment -

Medical Dental Apartments (MDA) & University Tower Apartments

1 room: 1 bed (single)$38.00$36.00$33.00$31.00
1-room: 2 beds$32.00$31.00$28.00$25.00
2 rooms: 1 single space$37.00$35.00$32.00$30.00
2 rooms: 2 double space$32.00$31.00$28.00$25.00
Studio: 1 bed (single)$38.00$36.00$33.00$31.00
Studio: 2 beds$32.00$31.00$28.00$25.00
Large Studio: 1 bed (single)$38.00$36.00$33.00$31.00
Large Studio: 2 beds$32.00$31.00$28.00$25.00

Early and late check-ins and check-outs: Below is the pricing for early check-ins and check-outs for camps and conferences. 

  • Check-In
    • Early (8:00 AM EST - 3:00 PM EST): $5.00 per person
    • Regular (3:00 PM EST - 6:00 PM EST): No surcharge
    • Late (8:00 PM EST - 12:00 AM EST/midnight): $5.00 per person
  • Check-Out
    • Regular (8:00 AM EST - 11:00 AM EST): No surcharge
    • Late (11:00 AM EST - 3:00 PM EST): $5.00 per person
      • NOTE: After 3:00 PM EST, individuals will be charged one (1) additional night.

NOTE: If you are in need of additional front desk staffing, there will be a $10.00 charge per staff member.

Linen rental: The basic linen package is $20.00 per person per nine (9) calendar days. Customizing your linen package could reduce or increase your linen cost. Please contact your Conference Coordinator for more information about changing a linen package.

The basic linen package includes:

  • Two (2) queen sheets
  • One (1) fleece blanket
  • One (1) pillowcase
  • One (1) hand towel
  • One (1) washcloth
  • One (1) bath towel

*Pillows are available upon request. There us a $5.00 charge per pillow. Pillows are free of charge with the purchase of a linen package.

Lost keys/access card and/or fob: $90 - $150

Renting additional space: Some residence halls have additional storage and/or lounge spaces available for an additional fee and many halls have common space available free of charge. If you are interested in additional space, please contact your Conference Coordinator to inquire about reserving the space(s).

Rates for renting meeting spaces are as follows:

  • Capacity of up to 20 people: $30.00 per day
  • Capacity between 21-46 people: $40.00 per day
  • Capacity over 46 people: Please contact our administrative team for pricing.

Our rentable spaces are listed below.

BuildingSpace NameRoom Number/LocationSquare Footage (if known)Capacity (if known)

Bettie Johnson Hall

TV Lounge1st Floor, Left of front entrance30115
Social Green1st Floor, Left of front entrance32016
Computer LabLeft or right from front entrance; opposite corner of 1st floor30115
Study Lounge3rd Floor, right of main elevators32523
CourtyardCenter of building3092152

Billy Minardi Hall

Conference Room2nd Floor57527

Cardinal Towne

Social Lounge4th floor, Qdoba sideN/A15
Study Lounge3rd floor, Qdoba sideN/A15
Game Room2nd floor,Qdoba sideN/A15
Social Lounge1st floor, Qdoba sideN/A20
Social LoungePhase 2, 4th floorN/A15
Study LoungePhase 2, 3rd floorN/A15
Social LoungePhase 2, 2nd floorN/A20
Game RoomPhase 2, 1st floorN/A15

Community Park

Computer Room1st Floor48030
2nd Floor ClassroomRoom 226548030
2nd Floor Game Room2nd floor92046
2nd Floor Study LoungeRoom 220339515
3rd Floor ClassroomRoom 326548030
3rd Floor Study LoungeRoom 320339515
4th Floor ClassroomRoom 426548030
4th Floor Study LoungeRoom 420339515

Kurz Hall

Conference RoomRoom 14945522
Computer RoomRoom 14857528
Movie RoomRoom 10342820
2nd Floor TV LoungeRoom 26972935
2nd Floor LoungeRoom 269A72935
Game RoomRoom 20372935
3rd Floor TV LoungeRoom 36972935
3rd Floor LoungeRoom 369A72935
Study LoungeRoom 30372935

Louisville Hall

Staff Conference RoomRoom 1171918
1st Floor Study LoungeRoom 118508
2nd Floor Study LoungeRoom 2231408
3rd Floor Study LoungeRoom 3231408
4th Floor Study LoungeRoom 4221418
5th Floor Study LoungeRoom 5221408
6th Floor Study LoungeRoom 6221308

Miller Hall

First year Resource Center (FYRC)Room 14379038
Octagon RoomRoom 14238418
2nd Floor Study Lounge (women's)Room 2391808
2nd Floor Study Lounge (men's)Room 2121818
3rd Floor Study Lounge (women's)Room 3301848
3rd Floor Study Lounge (men's)Room 32344320
4th Floor Study Lounge (women's)Room 4391808
4th Floor Study Lounge (men's)Room 4121818

Threlkeld Hall

Lobby1st Floor3235160
2nd Floor Study Lounge (men's)Room 21940120
2nd Floor Study Lounge (women's)Room 22337218
3rd Floor Study Lounge (men's)Room 31940120
3rd Floor Study Lounge (women's)Room 32337218
4th Floor Study Lounge (men's)Room 41940120
4th Floor Study Lounge (women's)Room 42337218

Unitas Tower

Conference Room1st floor, next to Hall Director office28012
Study Room1st floor, by TV room1076
Study Room1st floor, by TV room1076

University Pointe

2nd Floor Conference Room2nd floorN/AN/A

University Tower Apartments

Conference Room10122710

Please view a PDF of the 2019 Summer Conference Rates.