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If you are a student that will earn academic credit on your program abroad, you will not use the Travel Registry. Please visit the Education Abroad website for more information about for-credit programs.

The University is Louisville is committed to providing its students, faculty, and staff opportunities to engage in international experiential learning, research, and study abroad experiences. In an effort to ensure the health and safety of all members of the Cardinal community traveling abroad, all international travel for university business and academic programs, regardless of funding source, must be approved by the Provost’s Office prior to travel occurring. The International Travel Policy must be following by all UofL employees and students traveling abroad.

To initiate the international travel process, please complete the following steps in the Travel Registry. Detailed instructions are provided here: International Center’s International Travel.

  • log on to the Travel Registry using your UofL credentials,
  • complete your traveler profile
  • enter travel details (e.g. flight information, hotel information, etc.)
  • complete the necessary forms as prompted within the Travel Registry
  • download and complete the ‘Request for Authorization of Out of Country Travel’ form. Your supervisor must sign this form indicating they approve the purpose and cost of your travel.  After obtaining your supervisor’s signature, upload the signed form to the Travel Registry Essential Content tab (follow instructions here: International Center’s International Travel )
  • Once all traveler profile and trip information has been successfully added to the Travel Registry, the International Center will review and determine if your travel is approved. You will receive notification via email and Travel Registry.
  • Detailed instructions on how to submit your international travel request are below. You are encouraged to read the Frequently Asked Questions prior to using Terra Dotta. 

For travel to a country that has a level one or two Department of State Travel Advisory, you are permitted to purchase flights once your Request for Out of Country Travel Form has been signed by your supervisor or department chair and the dean. 

You are not to purchase flights to a country that has a level three or four Department of State Travel Advisory until you have Provost Approval. 

Terra Dotta

Logging In

Log in with your UofL credentials.

Completing Your Profile

The first time you log in, you will be directed to the profile page. Please complete the profile page with the required information. This only needs to be done once.

1. Fill out the required information. Only information marked with an asterisk will be required. Save.

2. To add a delegate, click on this symbol  in the upper right corner.

3. Choose settings.

4. A delegate user must have a profile set up in Terra Dotta before they can be added as a delegate.

Sections are also provided to enter your home city, home airport, gender, ethnicity, date of birth and additional email addresses, upload a copy of their passport, and to upload a profile photo.

The home airport field will be used as the default departure airport of the first leg of any trip in which the traveler will travel by air (see “Traveler Trips” below).

The profile page also includes an “AlertTraveler mobile app” section which provides the traveler with an activation key, revealed by clicking the eye icon, and an “Email me my password” link for the AlertTraveler app. You can also choose whether you would like to receive SMS notifications when affected by an AlertTraveler alert and can provide an SMS phone number. You can download the Alert Traveler app at the App Store or Google Play. You can refer to our knowledgebase article about the AlertTraveler mobile app for more information. 

Any changes on this page should be saved by clicking the “Save” button in the top right of the page.

You can return to your profile later by clicking the “My profile” link from the hamburger navigation menu in the top left corner.

Traveler Trips

The “My Trips” page can be accessed by clicking the “My trips” link in the top-left hamburger navigation menu. This will be the default landing page once a traveler has initially completed their profile.

This page will display all your upcoming and past trips and provides a search bar to quickly find a trip. This is also where new trips can be created.

Adding a Trip as a Delegate

To add a trip as a delegate, click on the hamburger menu in the left-hand corner. Choose delegate trip and then add new trip. Then select the user you want to create the trip for.


Creating a Trip Manually and Updating Trip Details

A new trip can be created in two ways. The first of these is by using the “Add New Trip” button on the My Trips page. This opens the “Create New Trip” popup.

On this page, you will give your trip a title. You also can add a description of the trip.

You can then build their itinerary using the “Destination” field, the “By” dropdown menu (for mode of transportation), and the calendar widgets to set their dates. Additional destinations can be added by clicking the “Add Destination” button. If you need to make changes to your itinerary, you can do so at any time. 

 Once all the destinations have been added, the trip can be saved by clicking “Continue". Not everyone can add group trips. If you are a group leader and need access to add group trips, please send an email to, to request access.

Clicking the transportation icon for each leg will display a dropdown menu that can be used to change the means of transportation. For example, if you realize the last leg will be by car instead of flying, you can change this detail by clicking on the plane icon and selecting “Change to Car.”

 The itinerary leg then updates to display an area to enter details for driving rather than flying.

Additional transit legs and lodging details can be added by selecting the appropriate item from the “Add Transit/Lodging Type” drop-down.

Unneeded details sections can be deleted using the delete icon on the right side of that row. An entire destination and associated details can be deleted using the delete icon in the top right corner of that destination section.

Additional destinations can be added from this page using the “Add Destination” button in the bottom left.

Any changes made on the details page must be saved, using the “Save” button in the top right corner of the page.

Once saved, the trip will appear in your Upcoming Trips section. Upcoming trips can be edited, merged, or deleted by clicking on the three dots at the right of the trip name.

Creating a Trip by Forwarding an Email

The second method by which a trip can be created is through an automated import process called “email scraping.” This method is designed to make the travel registry process as simple as possible, offering you the convenience of pulling data directly from your trip confirmation emails into your travel registry site. Travel Registry supports email scraping for emails from all major airlines, hotel chains, car rental companies, travel websites, and other travel-related vendors.

To use this feature, you will forward the email with their travel arrangements to (  

If you have already created a profile and have registered, you copy the forward email by clicking the “Copy forward email to create trips” link at the top of the “My Trips” page.


If the trip is imported successfully, you will receive an email acknowledgement. If you have not already created a profile on the travel registry site, you will be prompted to create one to access the trip. If you already have an account, the trip will be available on the My Trips page. 

To access travel forms, click on the name of the trip that you created, you will be prompted to answer the question, “Does this trip include personal travel?” If yes, you will be able to enter the dates of your personal travel. Once you answer the question click the next button. This will take you to the forms.

You will see the required Signature Forms and the Useful content.

You must click to read and sign the Signature Forms and view all the Useful Content before submitting your trip request.

You will also see the file upload section on this page. Here you can upload your conference itinerary and the Out of County Travel Authorization form. Note: You will still need to get the required signatures on the Request for Authorization of Out of Country Travel Form before you upload it into the system. Once the forms have been uploaded, then click “Save and Finish.”

 If a traveler is traveling with you that is not a UofL employee or student, they will not be able to log their own travel in Terra Dotta. The person that they are traveling with will have to add them.

To add a traveler, you will click on the trip they are traveling on and in the top right corner, click on this icon 

If you have any questions regarding Terra Dotta, please send an email to


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