Interim Travel Policy for COVID-19

Interim Policy for Employee Travel to countries with active COVID-19 Outbreaks:

Effective February 25, 2020, revised December 1, 2020


The University of Louisville recognizes that its employees may possess valuable expertise that is needed to assist with the resolution of this crisis; however, international travel on behalf of U of L is restricted to essential travel only.

 Current Status:

  1. No employee shall travel on university business outside the US without submitting an appeal approved by the appropriate Dean, or Vice Provost, or Vice President and Provost, as outlined in the existing travel warning policy  at .
  2. Thus, all UofL sanctioned travel and U of L promoted study abroad programs (e.g. faculty led trips, ISLP) in countries outside the US with active COVID-19 outbreaks are suspended.
  3. Until further notice, no in-person healthcare services nor direct clinical activities will be provided by UofL employees in countries outside the US with active COVID-19 outbreaks, without Provost’s approval, as outlined in the existing travel warning policy.
  4. Any university employee traveling professionally, using external funds such as a vendor, contractor, professional organization, etc. must receive Provost approval as outlined in the international travel and travel warning policy and procedures.  This travel must be registered using the Travel Reporting Form on the main university coronavirus page at:
  5. Personal international travel is discouraged.
  6. The monitoring and screening required for those traveling to these locations will be decided by the Executive Director of Campus Health Services in conjunction with appropriate public health and University officials.
  1. Employees who nevertheless elect to engage in personal travel to these locations must report personal travel through the same reporting form and will not be permitted to return to campus until they receive approval from Campus Health Services and their supervisor.
  1. Staff must use accrued vacation or sick leave, or personal leave, or leave without pay and faculty must use personal leave without pay during the quarantine period unless the supervisor/department chair or dean has approved the work at the time of the initial vacation/personal travel request.