Timeline for Developing an Exchange or Agreement

NOTE: All proposed International Agreements must be sent to  to initiate the review process.  Agreements must receive approval and carry the signatures of all parities, before they are considered active.

Timeline for Developing an International Exchange or International Program Agreement

Developing a new international exchange program or international program agreement requires considerable thought about the many aspects of administering an agreement. A significant amount of faculty and staff time is required to develop and maintain a successful program, and the college/school and department must ensure there is sufficient support from all levels for such a proposal. Because of this, we recommend that that Deans take sufficient time to develop their program proposals. Below is a suggested timeline.

24-20 months prior to beginning of program

Perform Viability Test on proposed location, if viable:

  • Discuss and develop program ideas with Department Chair, Dean, and Office of Study Abroad and International Travel;
  • Create a pre-proposal responding to the viability questions.  In addition, this pre-proposal should include a brief description of the planned program, including tentative identification of host institution and a letter of support from the Dean of your college or school.
  • Submit pre-proposal via email to  for review by the Provost’s Office.
  • Identify on-site contacts

20-18 months prior to beginning of program

  • Proposed program documents include a revised pre-proposal narrative, draft program announcement, tentative budget, letter of support from Dean, sampling of courses offered at UofL and of courses taken abroad, a sampling of the UofL equivalents for those courses, and a completed international agreement document.
  • Request start-up funds and/or site visit funds.

18-15 months prior to beginning of program

  • Program approval by Executive Vice President and University Provost
  • Confirm on-site contacts and their specific responsibilities
  • Announce program

15-12 months prior to beginning of program

  • UofL faculty site visit to firm up program arrangements/budget, trip to include appropriate academic Dean or Dean’s representative
  • Produce final brochure/flyer
  • Create application materials
  • Negotiate travel arrangements and costs
  • Provide International Center with copies of application materials, including budget and fliers
  • Indicate where there is some cost-sharing, either through U of L tuition remission, underwriting of partial costs of the airfare, or scholarship support to the students

12-6 months prior to beginning of program

  • Advertise program
  • Conduct class visits/informational sessions
  • Distribute/accept applications

6-3 months prior to beginning of program

  • Application deadline
  • For one-to-one student exchanges, provide the International Center with a copy of accepted candidates’ exchange program file (both the outgoing student and the incoming student from the institution abroad), including all required UofL study abroad paperwork
  • For faculty-led student group, provide via email to  at the International Center, a list of outgoing students, faculty and staff escorts (including student ID, emergency contact info, local contacts info for country/countries abroad, and flight itineraries)
  • Send acceptance materials to student (letter of acceptance, visa information, exchange program billing & withdrawal schedule, etc.), and request formal confirmation from student
  • Collect program fee deposits (if applicable)
  • Finalize program arrangements
  • Confirm budget details
  • Final site visit, if needed, to confirm arrangements/familiarize resident director

3-1 months prior to beginning of program

  • Confirm program logistics
  • Send accepted candidates information and other final paperwork to host institution
  • Make program payments/request advances,  when necessary
  • Conduct orientation session

Any questions or concerns about this process should be directed via email to .