Managing International Programs

Establishing, Managing, or Renewing International Programs

The International Center is happy to support faculty in the establishment, management and renewal of international program agreements (IPAs).

An international program agreement is a significant commitment on the part of faculty, the International Center, and the University of Louisville, as is detailed in the following table:

Task International Center  Staff Faculty/ Department Sponsor
Monitor movement of students or faculty-led student groups X X
Program promotion & outbound student recruitment  
Logistical coordination of outbound students (grade transfer, course registration, etc.)
and inbound students (out‐of‐state tuition waiver requests, etc.)
Advise outbound students on academics abroad 
Inbound & outbound student application processing X
Welcome inbound students to UofL academic department X
General orientations for inbound & outbound students X


In addition to the responsibilities summarized above, please consider the following points when establishing or renewing international agreements with partner institutions.


  • Faculty will need to actively recruit UofL students.
  • Please note that it is awkward and unpleasant to restrict new international agreement partners, especially after only two semesters. The International Center thus strongly encourages faculty to not sign an international agreement if it is likely that it will be difficult to maintain the program.
  • To be in compliance with Federal guidelines for exchange visas, keeping accurate records is critical. Thus, all outbound and incoming exchange students must be reported to the International Center.
  • For immigration reasons, bringing faculty and scholars to UofL, including graduate research students, is entirely independent of student exchange. Graduate research students and scholars, visiting for the purpose of research, are served by International Students and Scholars Services at the International Center.
  • Inbound students are required to be enrolled full‐time (Minimum of 6-credit hours in summer term or 12 credit hours in semesters) in classroom based instruction (no audits).

Please note that outbound faculty and graduate research students, under the terms of International Agreements, should still be directed to the International Center for processing.