Developing a Memorandum of Understanding

NOTE: All proposed International Exchange Agreements must be sent to  to initiate the review process.  Agreements must receive approval and signatures for all identified parties, before they are considered active. Exchange Programs must be approved before they can publicized to students.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is a general agreement that lists areas of possible collaboration, without creating financial obligations or committing resources.  The overall purpose of an MOU is to formalize a long-term, strategic relationship between institutions.  

Student/Faculty Exchanges

In cases of student/faculty exchange, an MOU outlines the responsibilities of each institution, including, but not limited to tuition agreement, reciprocity, visa assistance, and housing. Developing a new MOU for student exchange requires considerable thought about the many aspects of administering a program. A significant amount of faculty and staff time is required to develop and maintain a successful program, thus the college or department must ensure there is sufficient support at all levels.

As you begin planning for a new student/faculty exchange, the first step is to review the questions on the viability test and the timeline for creating a new Exchange as it delineates how long the process will take.

If there are questions concerning the viability of the proposed program, please contact , Assistant Vice President for the International Center. 

International Exchange Template

Other MOUs

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