Developing a LOU

NOTE: All proposed International Agreements must be sent to o to initiate the review process.  Agreements must receive approval before they are considered active.

International Letter of Understanding (LOU)

A Letter of Understanding (LOU) is a non-binding agreement that acknowledges UofL’s willingness to explore the possibility of collaboration with a foreign institution. LOUs are appropriate for new academic projects or research or upon first meeting new international partners.

The LOU is a signal of good will and of willingness to discuss the opportunities to cooperate further.  

A Letter of Understanding is the preferred first step to creating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Program Agreement (PA). 

The University of Louisville has a pre-approved template for the International Letter of Understanding.  Using the pre-approved template will expedite the review process.  If you deviate from the template, you must red-line any changes.  If changes are made, please allow an additional 30 days for review.

LOUs must be recommended by a faculty member, endorsed by the Dean of your school/college and by the Executive Vice President and Provost before being signed by the institution abroad. Once the document has been signed by the foreign institution, send a copy to at the Office of Study Abroad and International travel for tracking. Often LOUs lead to Memorandums of Understanding, although it is not required.

International Letter of Understanding Template (DOCX)