KIIS Faculty Event Planning


KIIS Want to Host a KIIS event on campus    Want to host a KIIS event on campus?


This page is for faculty members who have been approved to teach on a KIIS study abroad program and who would like to host a recruiting event for their program. If you are interested in teaching on a KIIS program, go to their website. Please note that all UofL faculty members accepted to teach on a KIIS program must comply with UofL's international travel procedures.

Planning Your Event

Before you begin to plan your event, read the KIIS reimbursement policy and the COVID-19 Guidelines for Student Events.

Step 1:  Email  to check on UofL's KIIS funding.

Step 2:  Contact former KIIS students to be part of the event planning or the event

Step 3:  Pick a date and time (MW around lunch typically works well for events)

Step 4: Grab the attention of students by offering food! Donuts and coffee or pizza are all enticing options, or have a food theme to the country or city the students would be visiting!

Step 5: Reserve a space for the event. Your department staff may be able to assist with this step. 

Here are the links to reserve a room:

Promoting Your Event

Step 1:  Create fliers for the event

Step 2: Submit your event to the UofL Event Calendar (use UofL login information), and/or the Student News and Events form

Step 3:  Post fliers in Humanities, Davidson, BAB, and SAC. Share paper and digital fliers to department contacts

Step 4: Share paper and digital fliers with the Office of Study Abroad and International Travel. We will post fliers in our office and share on our social media sites.

Step 5:  If your department has social media, ask department staff to create an event. Or create your own event, or have your students post and share. 

Step 6: Other promotional ideas: Reach out to colleagues to ask if you are able to do brief classroom presentations on the KIIS program and your event, and ask other departments with courses on your program if they are willing to promote the event. if you want to reach out to someone in a department where you have no contacts.

Event & Post-Event

Step 1:  Hold the event

Step 2:  Follow the KIIS reimbursement policy to be reimbursed for monies spent

Step 3: Before you leave to teach on your KIIS program, work with your department and to complete international travel paperwork. UofL is responsible for all employees completing any work activity abroad, so we want to make sure our records are complete for our KIIS faculty.