Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an ongoing process that serves to establish the goals and priorities of the division and set clear guidelines on how to accomplish these goals. These goals closely correspond with the Student Affairs mission, vision, emphasis and core values. Coupled with assessment of whether these goals are being met, the strategic plan serves as a way to determine whether the division of student affairs is operating efficiently and serving the students in the best possible way.

Student Learning Outcomes

As part of our strategic plan, the division of student affairs identified three key learning outcomes for students who interact with the division of student affairs. Those outcomes are:

  • Students will demonstrate a sense of purpose through development of their own personal understanding, social responsibility and connectedness to others.
  • Students will identify and apply the most appropriate campus services and activities to support their retention and graduation.
  • Students will apply critical thinking skills.

Departmental assessments often seek to illuminate how departments are addressing these key student learning outcomes.