UofL Vice President of Student Affairs Organizational Chart

  • Michael Mardis
    Chief Student Affairs Officer
    Vice President for Student Affairs
    Dean of Students
    • Tim Moore
      Chief of Staff
      Assistant to VP
      • Glenn Gittings
        Director of SAC and Parent Programs
      • David Horrar
        Information Technology
      • Susie Cucura
        Publications & Marketing
      • Ashley Assgari
        Strategic Planning & Assessment
    • Suzanne Galbreath
      Director of Finance
      Lead Fiscal Officer
      • Melissa Taylor
        UBM Intermediate
      • Kelly Beam
        UBM Intermediate
      • Teresa Smith
        UBM Intermediate
      • Dawn Nikolai
        UBM Intermediate
      • Reporting
        Bill Vetter
        Accountant III
    • Reporting
      Student Government Assocation
    • Reporting
      Dillon Miles
      SA Director of Development
    • David Parrott
      Title IX/ADA Coordinator
      • Sarah Mudd
        Assistant Title IX Coordinator
    • Bill Fletcher
      Director Career Center
    • Aesha Uqdah
      Director Counseling Center
    • Dale Ramsay
      Director Intramural Sports & Recreation
    • Angela Taylor
      Assistant President for Student Affairs
      Assistant Dean of Students, &
      Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities
      • Quantá Taylor
        Director Student Involvement
        • Caleb Brooks
          Director ISLP
      • Colleen Martin
        Director Disability Resource Center
      • Erica LaMarche
        Director TRIO/SSS
      • Reporting
        Joy HartStudent Grievance Officer
      • Geri Morgan
        Student Care Team Manager
      • Jessica Gernert
        Student Conduct Coordinator & Title IX Investigator
      • Byron Lightsy
        Student Care & Conduct Coordinator
      • Samantha MacKenzie
        Student Advocate
      • Shirley Hardy
        Student Conduct Officer
      • Heather Gentry
        Administrative Services Manager
      • Sarah Klump
        Program Assistant Sr.
    • Tom Hardy
      Director Campus Housing
    • Virginia Hosono
      Director Study Abroad & Designee for Int. Travel Approvals
    • Thomas Beard
      Interim Director International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS)

Sub-lists indicate subordinate.