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Davidson Hall

SSS is committed to helping low-income, first-generation college students and students with disabilities achieve a bachelor’s degree.


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Houchen's Building

The University Career Center educates students through the exploration of career interests, values, and skills. Dedicated and collaborative coaching, programming, and events allow students to enter the working-world prepared to thrive in an ever-changing, diverse and global community.

University Career Center

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HSC Fitness Center

This is where students down at the HSC Campus can go and work out using their machines.


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jouett Hall

Students and scholars, as well as the hundreds of American students with international interests and international friends, look to the International Center for services, advice, counsel, and support.

International Center

Jouett Hall
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Red Barn

The Red Barn provides services and programs of a diverse nature, including concerts, movies, cookouts, meetings, and various other social and administrative events.

Student Activities Center

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Student Activities Center (SAC)

The SAC is the main hub for student life on the University of Louisville Belknap campus. With a multitude of dining options, amazing event spaces, cozy lounges, and vibrant student activities, there's always something to do at the SAC. The building is also home to several UofL departments including the Dean of Students, Student Affairs, Office of Student Involvement, Health and Sport Sciences, UofL Athletics, Dining Services, and the Campus Bookstore.

Counseling Center

Dean of Student Office

Student Activities Center

Student Involvement

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Student Government Association (SGA) Parkway Field is the main outdoor sports complex for the Department of Intramural and Recreational Sports.


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Student Recreation Center (SRC)

The Student Recreation Center is the main place where students can go workout and do some other fitness activities. Also, this is home of Intramurals Department.


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Stevenson Hall

Campus Housing provides a robust program that offers a variety of unique living environments to meet students’ needs as they progress through their career with the university, supporting the overall academic goals of the institution.
The Disability Resource Center fosters an inclusive campus climate through education, service, collaboration, and outreach to the University of Louisville community. We provide support for students with documented disabilities by promoting equal access to all programs and services.

Campus Housing

Disability Resource Center

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Residence Halls

Belknap Residence Hall

The Belknap Residence Hall is a new traditional-style residence hall that opened in the Fall of 2021 for first year students to rent and live in. The building is located on the parking lot between the Red Barn and the old Miller Hall.

Campus Housing

Belknap Residence Hall Map Link(The Google Map hasn't updated to show the location of the new residence hall, but it was built on the parking lot where it's highlighted on the map provided)

Bettie Johnson Hall

Bettie Johnson is an apartment-style residence hall that is offered to second, third, and fourth year students to live in.

Campus Housing

Bettie Johnson Hall Map Link

Billy Minardi Hall

This is a two-story, suite style apartments that students can live in. This is offered to first year students.

Campus Housing

Billy Minardi Hall Map Link

Cardinal Towne

Cardinal Towne is an apartment style complex where students can live. Also, Cardinal Towne has a various amount of food option like Qdoba and Jimmy Johns. This option is available to second, third, and fourth year students.

Campus Housing

Cardinal Towne Map Link

Community Park

Community Park is another suite-styled living that Campus Housing to offer for students to live and rent in. This is offered to first year students.

Campus Housing

Community Park Map Link

Kurz Hall

Kurz Hall is a four-story, suite-style building that provides housing for some of the students. This is offered to first year students.

Campus Housing

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Louisville Hall

Louisville Hall is a six floor, suite-style, residence hall that is offered to first-year students to live and rent.

Campus Housing

Louisville Hall Map Link

Unitas Tower

Unitas Tower is an eleven story, traditional-style residence hall that is offered to first year student to rent and live in.

Campus Housing

Unitas Tower Map Link

University Pointe

The University Pointe is apartment-style residence hall that second, third, and fourth year students can rent and live in.

Campus Housing

University Pointe Map Link

University Tower Apartments

University Tower is an apartment-style residence hall is offered to first, second, third, and fourth year students to rent or live in.

Campus Housing

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