Student Affairs Acronym List

Acronym Meaning
AACRAO American Association of Collegiate Registrar and Admissions
AAEE American Association for Employment in Education
ABS Association of Black Students — UofL RSO
ACC Atlantic Coast Conference
ACC American Campus Communities (Housing Partner)
ACH Wire Transfer
ACPA American College Personnel Association
ACUHO-I Association of College and University Housing Officers - International
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act – 1990 federal legislation that prohibits discrimination on basis of disability
AHEAD Association on Higher Education and Disability – professional association for disability services professionals in higher education
AHEPPP Association of Higher Education Parent Program Professionals
ANTSHE Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education
AP Accounts Payable
AR Accounts Receivable
ASAG Athletics and Student Affairs Group
ASB Alternative Service Break
ASBB Alternative Service Break Board
ASCA Association for Student Conduct Administration
ASL American Sign Language
ATH Authorization to Hire
BAB Belknap Academic Building
BCM Baptist Campus Ministry
BCO Budget Change Order
BFSA Black Faculty/Staff Association
BHRC Behavioral History Review Committee
BOO Board of Overseers
BOT Board of Trustees
BRR Budget Revision Request
BSU Black Student Union
BT Batch
BTR Budget Transfer Request
CA Conference Assistant – Housing Staff
CACE Certificate in Adult and Contingency Education
CAF Cardinal Athletic Fund
CBC Criminal Background Check
CEHD College of Education and Human Development
CHA Community Hall Assistant – Housing Staff
CIRP Cooperative Institutional Research Program (Freshman assessment)
CM Community Manager – Housing Staff
CNA Community Night Assistant – Housing Staff
CODRE Commission on Diversity and Racial Equality
CONECT Caring of New Students Experiencing College Transition
COO Chief Operating Officer
COSW Commission on the Status of Women
CPAK College Personnel Association of Kentucky
CPC Club Programming Committee (fund)
CPE Counsel on Postsecondary Education
CPH Panhellenic Council
CSF Clifton Strengths Finder
CSP College Student Personnel
CSS Commuter Student Services
DA Department Assistant
DOS Dean of Students
DPS Department of Public Safety
DRC Disability Resource Center – the disability services office for students at UofL
EAB Education Advisory Board
e-TOKE The electronic Check-up to GO! Drugs
ECPY Educational and Counseling Psychology
EFMI Position Management System
EFT Direct deposit
ELD Enhanced Long Distance (Number)
ELSB Engage Lead Serve Board
ELT Empowering Ladies Together
EMPLID Employee ID or Student ID (PeopleSoft adaptation)
ET Expense Transfer
FA Facility Assistant – Housing Staff
FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid
FWS Federal Work-Study
FY Fiscal Year
GA Graduate Assistant
GAPSA Graduate Association for Professionals in Student Affairs
GEMS Guaranteed Entrance to Medical School students
HD Hall Director
HA Holiday Assistant – Housing Staff
HEA Higher Education Administration
HPES Health Promotion, Physical Education and Sports Studies
HR Human Resources
HSC Honors Student Council
HSC Health Sciences Campus
HVP Honors Volunteer Program
I2A Ideas to Action (UofL QEP critical thinking initiative)
IE Institutional Effectiveness
IEAC Institutional Effectiveness Advisory Collaborative
IFC Interfaith Center
IFC Interfraternity Council
IMRS Intramural and Recreational Sports
IR Incident Report
IR Institutional Research
ISLP International Service Learning Program
ISSS International Scholar and Student Services
IT Information Technology
ITS Information Technology Services
IUT Intra-University Transfer
JDC Job Data Correction
JDF Job Description Form (replaces PIF)
JV Journal Voucher
KACE Kentucky Association of Colleges and Employers
KAHO Kentucky Association of Housing Officers
KARH Kentucky Association of Residence Housing
KASFAA Kentucky Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
KCDHH Kentucky Commission on Deaf and Hard of Hearing – state agency that provides advocacy for deaf and hard of hearing issues
KCTCS Kentucky Community and Technical College System
KICS Kentucky Interdisciplinary Community Screening
KIRSA Kentucky Intramural-Recreational Sports Association
KLA Kentucky Leadership Academy (for SGA leaders at KY Publics)
KSSW Kent School of Social Work
KY-AHEAD Kentucky Association on Higher Education and Disability – our state regional affiliate of the national AHEAD
KY-RID Kentucky Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf – state affiliate of RID
LDA Learning Disabilities Association – national association providing resources and advocacy for persons with learning disabilities
LDA-KY Learning Disabilities Association of Kentucky – state affiliate of LDA
LEAD Freshmen Leadership Program
LFO Lead Fiscal Officer
LGBT Office for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgendered Services
LLC Living Learning Communities
LR Lift Registration
MAEP Multicultural Academic Enrichment Programs
MITC Miller Information Technology Center (pronounced “Mitzi”)
MSMC Marketing and Social Media Committee
MTRP Minority Teacher Recruitment Project
NACE National Association of Colleges and Employers for Campus Activities
NCDA National Career Development Association
NAD National Association for the Deaf – professional association/certifying entity
NASPA National Association of Student Personnel Administrators
NCCP National Center for Children in Poverty
NFB National Federation of the Blind
NIRSA National Intramural-Recreational Sports
NODA Association for Orientation, Transition, and Retention
NPHC National Pan-Hellenic Council
NRHH National Residence Hall Honorary
NSE National Student Exchange
NSSE National Survey of Student Engagement
OAR Outcomes Assessment Report
OA Office Assistant – Housing Staff
OCE Office of Community Engagement
OCM Office of Communications and Marketing
OCR Office for Civil Rights – the federal agency charged with assuring compliance with federal civil rights statutes including ADA – most likely to receive and investigate a federal complaint of disability discrimination should one be filed
OFB Office for the Blind (Kentucky) – this state agency provides services for blind and visually impaired in Kentucky
OL Outreach Leader – Housing Staff
OPB Office of Planning and Budget
OSAIT Office of Study Abroad and International Travel
OSI Office of Student Involvement
P&A; Professional & Administrative
PAR Position Authorization Request
PEACC Prevention, Education and Advocacy on Campus and in the Community
PIQ Position Information Questionnaire
PNG Persona Non Grata – Persons not welcome at UofL
QEP Quality Enhancement Plan
RA Resident Assistant
RAD Rape Aggression Defense (classes taught by DPS)
SEC Staff Engagement Committee
OTA Office Technology Assistant: Student Staff responsible for providing technical support to residence hall students and maintaining computers in the Housing Office
REACH Resources for Academic Achievement
RBAA Red Barn Alumni Association
RBPO Red Barn Programs Office
RD Resident Director
RFD Request for Disbursement
RHA Residence Hall Association
RID Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
RLA Religious Life Association
RLC Residence Life Coordinator
RR Restrict Registration
RSO Registered Student Organization
SA Student Affairs
SAAB Student African American Brotherhood
SAAC Student Athlete Advisory Committee
SAAC Student Affairs Assessment Committee
SAB Student Activities Board
SAC Student Activities Center
SACS Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
SACSCOC Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges
SACSA Southern Association of College Student Affairs
SCAF Student Cardinal Athletic Fund
SCM Social Change Model
SCT Student Care Team
SEAHO Southeastern Association of Housing Officers
SGA Student Government Association
SGD Student Graphic Designer – Housing Staff
SER Student Engagement Record
SL Service Learning
SLO Student Learning Outcome
SI Student Involvement
SIGS School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies(now the Graduate School)
SOAB Student Organization Advisory Board
SOAR Student Organization for Alumni Relations
SOUL Student Outreach Uniting Louisville
SPHIS School of Public Health and Information Sciences
SoACE Southern Association of Colleges and Employers
SOA Senior Office Assistant – Housing Staff
SOUL Student Outreach Uniting Louisville
SRA Senior Resident Assistant – Housing Staff
SRC Student Recreation Center
SSS Student Support Services (Federally Funded TRIO Program)
STEC Strategic Technology Executive Committee
TC Themed Community
TFF Task Force Freshman – SGA program to get freshman involved
TFTF Task Force on Tuition and Fees
TRIO/SSS Student Support Services – a department within Student Affairs located in Davidson Hall
UBM Unit Business Manager
UCC University Career Center
ULAA University of Louisville Athletic Association
ULCC University of Louisville Counseling Center
ULEAD University of Louisville Early Admissions to Dental School
ULPD University of Louisville Police Department
URM Under Represented Minority
VoIP Voice-over Internet Protocol – our phones
VPSA Vice President for Student Affairs
VR Vocational Rehabilitation
XPY X-pay – additional pay form
504 Refers to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (federal legislation that prohibits discrimination on basis of disability). Requirements for colleges/universities are addressed in Section 504, hence the reference to “504”