Red Barn Alumni Association (RBAA) Endowment

rbaa founders

The Seven Founding Members of the Red Barn Alumni Association include from right to left:

Ray Oakes, Tom Boykin, Jimmy Snyder, Ken Minogue, "Bear" Noltemeyer, Mike Ruckriegel, and Paul Noltemeyer

The Red Barn Alumni Association (RBAA) and the related Endowment was established in 1985 to ensure the financial well being of the Red Barn and to preserve the programmatic function of the Red Barn. Providing support for many annual events including the Crawfish Boil, Summer Concerts, and the December Red Barn Birthday Party, the RBAA continues to provide ongoing support to the Red Barn, The Student Activities Board and students in general.

The RBAA boasts over 500 members and their officers meet regularly to plan events, awards scholarships, and identity ways they can support the students of the University of Louisville.

red barn and west plaza

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