Louis and Louise BornwasserLouis Bornwasser is a 1970 graduate of Uof L with a BA in English. Louise Bornwasser is a 1971 graduate with a BA in German and a MA in Education.

They were married in Louisville in 1972 and were long time owners of Hadden Theater Supply Company. Louise is an accomplished piano accompanist and recently retired from teaching at Clarksville High School after 30 years. They have one daughter Elizabeth.

While a student at UofL Louis is credited with much of the efforts that resulted in the establishment of the Red Barn as well as the campus radio station. It has been said by more than one historian that the Red Barn would not exist today but for the efforts of Louis.

For the past 40 years Louis and Louise have continued to support the University of Louisville and the Red Barn. They are both active members of the Red Barn Alumni Association and generous contributors to many UofL including providing projection and sound equipment for movies in the Floyd Theater. Louis and Louise were recognized for their unselfish efforts by the Red Barn Alumni Association in 2009 with the Mary Fay Rumford Unsung Hero Award.

In 2010 the Bornwassers made a generous gift to establish the Louis W. and Louise Weisser  Bornwasser Student Emergency Fund. The fund was created to assist University of Louisville students who encounter unforeseen financial emergency or catastrophic events which would otherwise prevent them from continuing their education at UofL.

This fund exemplifies the Bornwasser’s commitment to helping UofL students and ensures that many future generations of students will benefit from their generosity.

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