First-time Freshman Checklist-old

Orientation registration for Summer 2017 will open on February 20, 2017 @ 3:00 pm EST

Prior to Freshman Orientation

1. Activate your student accounts:

  • Know your student ID number. You can find this number on your certificate of admissions.
  • Follow this link to set up your university email account and other online services. Please note: many university offices will only send information to your UofL email account.Your orientation information will ONLY be sent to this account.

2. Remember all first-time, full-time students are required to live on-campus.  You may qualify for an exemption to this rule under some circumstances (i.e. living at home with a parent or guardian).  To apply for housing please visit the Housing Website or find out more information about our exemption policy.

3. Review your financial aid information.

  • Be sure to complete your FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1st of your senior year.  More information can be found here.
  • View your financial aid to-do list through your ULink account.
  • Complete theIRS verification step when available.
  • Students and families can review the most up-to-date costs available to attend the University of Louisville by incorporating individual information into the Net Price Calculator.
  • Payment due dates and information.

4. Complete your testing and/or placement requirements. View requirements here.

  • Students with an ACT math sub score of LESS THAN 19 or a SAT math sub score of less than 460 are required to complete testing and/or placement requirements. View requirements here.
  • Foreign Language testing MUST be completed at least one week prior to orientation if you wish to enroll in a foreign language course your first semester. You can find more information here.
  • Engineering students will be contacted by Speed School offices regarding any necessary testing. For questions please contact the Speed School of Engineering at 502-852-6281.
  • If you intend to major in biology, chemistry, math, or are pre-med, pre-vet, pre-dental, or pre-pharmacy you are required to enroll in BIO 240. You must have an ACT science sub score of 24. If you do not meet this requirement you MUST take a biology placement exam. Watch your Cardmail for more information.

5. Submit your Student ID photo online. You will receive your Student ID at orientation.

6. Review the Healthcare Readiness Checklistand bring any questions with you to orientation. Prepare your immunization records. Immunization records are required by the University for all incoming freshman students. Find instructions here.

7. UofL has an initiative that enables you to stay on course and graduate in four years or the time frame of your choice.  Check-out your Flight Plan and be prepared with your academic options before you come to orientation.  During your orientation experience you will have a chance to talk with academic advisors and ask any questions you may have about your flight plan.  More information, including individual academic plans, can befound here.

8. Be sure to check the WHAT TO BRING list to prepare for your orientation experience.

9. Submit any college credit work, and AP/IB scores to the Office of Admissions. This will be used for your advising during orientation. If you do not have results by the date of your orientation session you will be advised accordingly and given options for once you have the official results.

After Orientation, Before Classes Begin:

  1. Make your tuition payment.  You can find your account balance on ULink.
  2. Submit your final high school transcript by August 1st. Your financial aid will not be disbursed if it is not on file.
  3. Order your parking pass online
  4. CompleteAlcohol EDU & Haven modules.
  5. Complete yourSTOMP modules
  6. Order your books from the University of Louisville Bookstore
  7. Verify your on-campus meal plan
  8. Read your Book-in-Common, Hidden America, and be ready to engage in events and discussions your first-year.
  9. Plan to participate in many of the Welcome Week events planned for the week prior to the start of classes.