Accuplacer Testing (Math & Reading)

Accuplacer (Next-Generation) is the placement test that U of L uses for reading and math placement. Beginning 2021, Accuplacer is also being used as a measure for an ACT/SAT test optional admission criteria.

Do I need to take the Accuplacer?

If U of L does not have an ACT/SAT score for you it’s an automatic YES, you need to take the Accuplacer please register now!

You can find your OPTIONS FOR TAKING THE EXAM here 

Download the Accuplacer Study App at

MATH - If U of L does have ACT/SAT scores, please use the tool HERE to find out if you place into a credit bearing MATH course.  If you place in GEN 103 or GEN 104, you should take the Accuplacer to potentially place in a higher math course.  

The MATH Accuplacer test consists of 3 sections (20+ questions each).  You must score a 276 or higher on each section to advance to the next section.  The test starts out with Arithmetic, if you score 276+ you advance to Quantitative Reasoning and finally to Advanced Algebraic Functions.  You MUST always start with the Arithmetic section when taking the math Accuplacer.  Unless you are retesting, in which you can start in the last section you completed with a score of 276 or higher.


Mathematics/QR Course Placement Criteria

University of Louisville 2022-23AY 


Math Course ACT Math Sub-score needed for initial placement New SAT I Math Sub-score needed for initial placement Next-Generation Accuplacer
GEN 103 0 - 18 260 - 500 ARTH: 200-262
GEN 104 19 - 36 510 - 800 ARTH: 263-300
QR courses outside of Mathematics/ Engineering  (currently COMM 255, CJ326, GEOG 256, HSS 377, PHST 200, PSYC 205, URBS 303/SUST 303) 19 - 36 510 - 800 ARTH: 263-300
Math 105, 106, QR: ANTH 111 20 – 36 520 – 800 QRAS: 237-300
Math 151 21-36 530 - 800 QRAS: 250-300
Math 109 & 111 22 - 36 540 – 800 QRAS: 263-300
Math 180, 190 25 - 36 590 - 800 AAF: 250-300
Math 205 27 - 36 640 - 800 AAF: 276-300


READING - If U of L does have ACT/SAT scores, please use the tool HERE to find out if you are exempt from the Reading course.  If you have Reading ACT Subscore of 19 or less, you MUST take the Reading Accuplacer and score at least 250 to be exempt from the GEN 105 Reading Intervention course. The READING Accuplacer test has 20+ questions that emphasize the meaning of words in extended contexts and how word choice shapes meaning, tone, and impact. 

You can find your OPTIONS FOR TAKING THE EXAM here 

Download the Accuplacer Study App at



Since there are a limited number of Accuplacer sessions, once you schedule your appointment time, reschedule at least 48 hours prior to your appointment to avoid the NO SHOW penalty.  If you miss your appointment time or are over 15 minutes late, you MUST reschedule your testing appointment with Examity and will be required to pay their $25 testing fee.


Students are allowed to retest on Accuplacer once advised by their advisor/testing staff about their scores and corresponding course placement. You may retest on either/both the Math or Reading Accuplacer.

The testing fee will be collected upon each administration according to the option used for testing.

ADA Accommodations:  

If you have received ADA accommodations such as reduced distraction, a reader or a scribe from U of L's  (502-852-6938), please call our office BEFORE scheduling any exam.

The ACCUPLACER placement exams are UNTIMED, so no ADA accommodations are required for extended time candidates.


Students with SAT, ACT, KYOTE or Accuplacer scores older than one year should register to take the Accuplacer for a more accurate math course placement.


You should always check with your Academic Advisor if you have questions and before registering for classes.