I am a non-degree student

Welcome to UofL!

There are several types of non-degree students at UofL. Follow the links below for more information about each type of non-degree student.

How to register for classes for all non-degree students.

Depending on your situation, you may need a Cardinal Card and/or a Parking Pass.

Non-degree students are not required to attend Orientation; however, if you would like to register for an orientation session to become more familiar with university services and departments, please contact our office at .  You should also contact your specific academic unit for advising requirements.

High School Visitor

A current high school student taking college-level courses at UofL through the Dual Credit Program. Learn more about your next steps in the Dual Credit Program

Visiting College Students from another Institution

A college student who is pursuing a degree from another institution and plan to enroll at UofL for one semester. If you are planning on taking upper-level courses (300 or 400 level courses), you may need to provide a college transcript as proof or pre-requisite course completion. 


Audited courses do not earn credit, although the transcript will indicate that the course was taken as an audit. Learn more

Post-baccalaureate Students

Students with bachelor's degrees who want to take a class but are not pursuing an undergraduate degree at this time.

Continuing Studies Students

Students who are non-degree-seeking (at this time) and taking up to 24 credits. Learn more.