Update on NCAA IARP Decision

Nov. 3, 2022

University of Louisville Statement

“With the IARP decision announced today, the five-year process involving the University of Louisville’s men’s basketball program has now come to an end. We are grateful to the members of the panel, led by Chairman Benck, who were fair and deliberate and who ultimately supported many of our robust arguments. While the IARP process provided the opportunity for our case to be heard by an objective panel, a five-year process is much too long. The process left the University of Louisville’s men’s basketball program in limbo and created significant competitive disadvantages. When allegations in this matter first came to light several years ago, the University took these allegations seriously and acted immediately, enacting several sweeping changes to strengthen our policies and procedures to prevent this from happening again. For our University, the Louisville community, our men’s basketball program and our passionate fans, today marks the beginning of a new chapter and we are only looking forward.”

The University of Louisville will be holding a press conference regarding the findings and resolution.

UofL officials respond to IARP decision – Watch the livestream.

The findings

Read the IARP press release.

Read the IARP decision.