Preparing for International Travel

Step 1: Pre-Travel Resources and Communication

Your first step is to review, download and complete required travel documents listed on the GEO webpage under Pre-Travel Resources.  Regardless of whether you are traveling solo or in a group setting you MUST submit a Travel Proposal Form by using the online form located in Pre-Travel Resources, in order to initiate your travel request plans with the ULSOM.  This step must be completed before the next step.

  • This applies to all medical students regardless of year.

Step 2: Pre-Departure Training (PDT) Enrollment

Once you have determined that you will most likely be traveling to a medically underserved area either solo or in a group setting for an IDEP Global Health Medicine Elective Course, and after you have submitted your Travel Proposal Form, email ( and request to be enrolled in the Pre-Departure Training (PDT) curriculum. You are strongly urged to begin completion of PDT Modules 1 – 4.  Be sure to attend the required Annual International Travel Safety lecture or view the Tegrity session in RedMed (PDT Module 1).  Do not purchase your plane tickets or make non-refundable living arrangements at your international destination at this point.

Step 3: Specific Instructions for the Off-Campus Elective Request form

Meet with Dr. Bethany Hodge to clarify your individual learning goals and have her sign the Off-Campus Elective Request Form as well as any other travel forms. Dr. Hodge is the signing faculty for all medical student international travel. Email a COPY of your completed Off-Campus Elective Request Form to (

Once signed, provide ALLsigned documents and requests to Sherri Gary (Registrar) in Medical Student Affairs to obtain her approval and to ensure you are registered in the proper IDEP Global Health Medicine Elective course. Sherri Gary will then forward your documents to the International Center on the Belknap campus for processing.

Step 4: International Insurance and ID


Go to the International Center on Belknap Campus to purchase and obtain your international travel insurance and ID.  Bring exactly $32 in cash as you will need to purchase iNext travelers insurance (required) and $87 in cash for evacuation insurance (recommended).  If you go to the International Center as a group, email Virginia Hosono ( to purchase insurance. The International Center and UofL Provost will review your request and determine your status. You will be notified if there are any missing documents or if your request cannot be approved.

Step 5: If your request is Denied ...

The International Center will provide you with reasons for denial of your travel request and may offer you the opportunity to provide further documentation or justification to warrant an overturn of the denial.


Step 6: If your request is Approved ...

Once your Off-Campus Elective Request Form and individual paperwork are approved, you are free to buy plane tickets, make living arrangements and ensure completion of the Pre-Departure Training curriculum Modules 1 - 4.  It is up to you to determine if you also need visas or immunizations at this time.

Step 7: Pre-Departure Training Completed

Make sure you have completed the required Pre-Departure Training Modules 1 - 4 prior to departure.  Within 30 days after returning to the US, complete Module 5 by uploading your Reflection in MyLEAPS ( listing your UL faculty sponsor as your Written feedback provider (part of PDT).

Within 30 days after returning to the US, hand in your patient logs and preceptor evaluation forms (located on Pre-Travel Resources link) to Medical Student Affairs.

Note: A grade cannot be issued without being registered through Sherri Gary in Medical Student Affairs, completion of PDT Modules 1-5, and handing in both your patient logs and preceptor evaluation.