Steps for Completing Pre-Departure Training

Step 1:  Notify the GEO Office

Once you have determined that you will most likely be traveling to a medically underserved area either solo or in a group setting for an IDEP Global Health Medicine Elective Course, and after you have submitted your Travel Proposal Form via email to ( and request to be enrolled in the Pre-Departure Training (PDT) curriculum.

  • This applies to all medical students regardless of year.

“Medically underserved areas” may include:

  • US destinations such as Native American Indian reservations
  • Overseas destinations such as Tanzania, Nicaragua, Ecuador, etc.

Indicate your name, year in school, place of travel, and most probable dates of departure and return.

To give you ample time to complete PDT Modules 1 - 4 prior to your departure, you are encouraged to enroll in the PDT curriculum before you are officially registered for an IDEP Global Health Medicine Elective Course.

  • Take Home Message:  The sooner you notify the GEO office, the better.

Important: enrolling in the PDT curriculum is NOT the same as officially registering for an IDEP Global Health Medicine Elective Course.  Additional paperwork will be required to register for the course.  Visit this link and see Sherri Gary in Medical Student Affairs for more information on how to register and get credit for your IDEP Global Health Medicine Elective Course.

Step 2:  Enroll in the PDT Curriculum

Once your email is received with your intentions to travel for an IDEP Global Health Medicine Elective Course, the GEO office will enroll you in the appropriate Pre-Departure Training curriculum in RedMed.

  • You will receive an email confirming your enrollment in the PDT curriculum.
  • Once enrolled you may begin completing the PDT Modules 1 - 4 at your convenience.

Important: Access to the PDT modules will not be available to students until they are enrolled in the PDT curriculum in RedMed.

If your travel plans change and you decide not to travel, please notify the GEO office as soon as possible to have your name removed from the PDT enrollment.

Step 3:  Complete PDT Modules 1 – 4

Modules 1 – 4 mustbe completed PRIOR to departure in order to earn credit for your IDEP Global Health Medicine Elective Course, with no exceptions.  Modules 1-4 may be completed in any order.

Module 1:Travel Safety and Personal Health

  • Delivery:  Live lecture offered in the spring, or online review of Tegrity video
  • Assessment:  RedMed multiple choice Quiz
  • Completion:  Passing score of 70% is required

Module 2:Cultural Competency and Ethical Considerations

  • Delivery:  Online review of 31 Case Studies
  • Assessment:  RedMed – Confirmation of completion of all Case Studies
  • Completion:  Confirmation in RedMed of Completion of Case Studies

Module 3:Language Skills

  • Delivery: Self-study, Student’s Choice of Media (e.g. online, books/CD’s, formal course)
  • Assessment:  RedMed multiple choice Quiz (based on language of country)
  • Completion:  Confirmation of Completion of RedMed Quiz (no passing score is required)

Module 4:Clinical Skills (Levels I, II, and III)*

  • Delivery:  Live small group sessions and hands-on training in the Paris Simulation Center
  • Assessment:  None
  • Completion:  Confirmation of Attendance of required Clinical Skill Levels

*A note about completing Module 4:  Clinical Skills

  • You may complete the required clinical skills levels in any order
  • You may complete more than the minimum required if you so choose.
  • To see when Clinical Skills sessions are offered, either log on to RedMed and select Clinical Skills Dates & Times PDF under Pre-Departure Training or click on the schedule located in Module 4 instructions.
  • Locate the appropriate clinical skills sessions required for your destination
  • Sign up to attend the appropriate sessions required according to your destination
  • Sessions will be offered only at specific dates and times (see Clinical Skills schedule)
  • Space is limited for each session so if you sign up for a specific session be sure to attend.  No-shows will be reported to the GEO office.
  • When you attend any clinical skills session, be sure to sign in upon arrival as this will count as your attendance
  • Attendance sheets will be automatically sent to the GEO office for review and documentation.

You will receive an email from the GEO office confirming your completion of PDT Modules 1 – 4.

How to complete RedMed quizzes/assessments

  • When you are ready to take a quiz, log on to RedMed
  • Locate the appropriate quiz/assessment in the Global Health Medicine Pre-Departure Training curriculum
  • Quizzes/Assessments are either multiple choice or case study review and may be taken multiple times
  • Passing is 70% or confirmation of completion where indicated
  • Your performance on each quiz will be posted immediately for your personal information.

Step 4:  Complete the Global Health Medicine experience in the destination of your choice, return to the United States

Step 5:  Complete Module 5 - Personal Reflection

Module 5:Personal Reflection**

  • Delivery:  Two pages double-spaced type written prose (using the DEAL model)
  • Assessment:  Grading rubric (see RedMed for the rubric and DEAL model)
  • Completion:  Written Reflection uploaded in MyLEAPS (


**A note about completing Module 5:  Personal Reflection

  • You must complete this module within thirty (30) days after returning to the US
  • Log in to your MyLEAPS account (
  • Upload your 2-page double spaced reflection regarding your Global Health Medicine experience.
  • Select your faculty sponsor as the person who will provide Feedback
  • You will receive a confirmation email from the GEO office confirming your completion of PDT Module 5.
  • Students traveling to Thailand for their Global Health Medicine Elective should not upload their reflection in MyLEAPS.
    • Thailand students are required to send their reflection directly to Dr. Bethany Hodge in GEO (


Once all requirements are completed, your final grade for your IDEP Global Health Medicine Elective Course will be sent to the Office of Medical Student Affairs.  You must complete Modules 1 – 4 before departure, complete Module 5 within 30 days of your return to the US, and hand in your preceptor evaluation forms and patient logs within 30 days of your return to the US for a grade to be issued.