Faculty Project Submission

Deadline is 11:59 pm on February 16, 2024.

Project Submission Form

Faculty are encouraged to submit a biomedical research project for our medical student’s Summer Research Scholar Program by clicking on the link below.

Acceptable projects are those in which the student would be able to make a meaningful contribution to ongoing research or be able to conduct a small short-term research project.  For clinical research projects, active participation in consenting of subjects, obtaining clinical samples, and having the primary role in statistical evaluation of data are required.  Projects in which the student’s primary task is data entry, library work, chart review, shadowing a physician, or performing menial tasks such as washing glassware or simply collecting routine data would not be acceptable summer projects.  The likelihood that the student's summer work will result in their eventual co-authorship on an abstract or publication should be an important consideration.

Human studies projects must have IRB approval prior to a student being assigned.  The project you submit should be one that the student can begin with no delay on May 20 and continue throughout the 10-week program to July 26, 2024.

On the submission form, please pay particular attention to the "Project Description" and "Exactly what will the student do".  These items will be used by the students to select projects they are interested in, as well as by the School of Medicine Research Committee to ensure that the project will provide a valuable research experience.

If one or more students have contacted you about possible summer research, you may designate them on the form.  This will give those students priority for your project.