Grant/contract transmittal, signoff and deadlines.

Information on chairs signing for the Dean and sending grants/contracts via PDF attachments.

Grant Transmittal

Although not required, in order to save time, Proposal Clearance Forms (PCF) and Multi-Institutional Research Agreements (MIRA) may be distributed for signatures via PDF documents.  These PDF files of the PCF/MIRA along with the attached grant/contract may be transmitted electonically as email attachments to the HSC Research Office at for sign-off by the Dean's representative (if required - see "Signoff" below) or directly to Office of Grants Management (OGM) or the Office of Industry Contracts (OIC) if the Chair has signed for the Dean.


For grant and contract applications from the School of Medicine, the Chair of the P.I.'s department may sign for the Dean except in the following cases:

  • The Chair is an investigator or collaborator on the application
  • Full salary support for the percent effort from all School of Medicine faculty on the application is NOT being requested.  (i.e. Faculty salary is being cost shared.)
  • There will be commitments from the University or the School of Medicine (space, courses, renovations, etc.) as indicated as "yes" in item 15 of the Proposal Clearance Form


All grant or contract proposals must be received by OGM or OIC five (5) full working day before the deadline.

For grant applications that require sign-off by the Dean's representative (see "Signoff" information above) the application must be received by the HSC Research Office an additional half day before transmittal to OGM or OIC.