Training Equipment & Capabilities of the lab

Training capabilities and equipment available at the Paris Simulation Center.

The Paris Simulation Center contains a variety of systems and equipment to support its educational activities. The focal point of the center is our four state-of-the-art computer-controlled patient simulators. Each patient simulator is housed in its own simulation lab, to enable instruction in multiple small groups simultaneously. The simulation center also boasts additional simulators and teaching systems, and we are constantly acquiring more. We have a variety of equipment and supplies to enhance the “suspension of disbelief” during the simulation sessions. The physical layout and dedicated audiovisual systems make this a truly effective teaching space.

Patient Simulators

The Paris Simulation Center currently houses five adult Human Patient Simulator systems, produced by CAE Healthcare. The system is a state-of-the-art, computer controlled manikin. The student works with the manikin as if it is a real patient, using real equipment, while the operator controls the “patient” from within a separate control room. The manikin reacts realistically to the actions of the student, and the student assesses the patient during the exercise.

In addition to our four adult manikins, we have a birthing manikin, pediatric manikin and an infant manikin. Our OB simulator is able to simulate various obsterical emergency conditions for training. 

The following procedures can be performed on the manikins:

  • Administer simulated drugs
  • Assess and manage airways, including intubations and difficult airways
  • Perform tracheotomy and nasal intubations
  • Needle decompression *
  • Pericardiocentesis *
  • Insertion and use of a chest tube *
  • Insertion and drainage of a Foley catheter *
  • Patient assessment using a standard ICU monitor

*Adult manikins only

For more information on CAE Healthcare please visit their site. This is a link to an external Web site.

Other Simulators

In addition to the patient simulators, we have additional physical and software training aids available at the simulation center. We are also actively working to acquire additional teaching tools.

We have the following training aids at the center:

  • Artery arm –practicing artery catheter placement
  • Vein arm – practicing IV and catheter placement
  • Vein hand – practicing IV and catheter placement
  • Lucina delivery simulator
  • Pelvic examination simulators
  • Breast exam simulators 
  • AirSim airway training simulator
  • Ear exam simulator
  • Eye exam simulator
  • 3 Butterfly ultrasound probes with iPads
  • Knee injection trainer
  • Central line training manikin
  • Pericardiocentesis trainer
  • Femoral Line trainer
  • Paracentesis trainer
  • Lumbar puncture trainers (adult and pediatric)
  • Pediatric Gaumard simulator (IO practice)
  • 2- Virtual Reality Headsets

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